**HELP** How to move a 117G fish Tank?

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HI guys, I'm having a bit of a problem!!!
We are having renovations done to our house, nearly all of the rooms will have to be worked on, even the rooms that are not being worked on will have to much dust/noise to keep the fish in there. So I have to move the fish tank out of the house. It's not so bad because we only have to move it up to our Granny Flat (a little house next to our garage used for when visitors come to stay) but that's still a good 50 meters away!
The small 10G will not be a problem to move but the 117G is a bit more of a worry.
Here are my dilemmas:
-How do I get all the water up to the granny flat? I know that the maximum I can take out is about 25%
-How do I transfer the fish without letting the water get too cold??
-How do I take the heater out without it cracking??
Thanks in advance!!!
AngelSta ??? :-\
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That is definitely a big task to figure out.. do you have a photo of the tank to post in this message thread?

I could be wrong, but I think you'll have to empty (or nearly empty) the 117g to move it - otherwise you risk structural damage to the glass and/or seals. If the tank were emptied of water, would you still have to take the heater out or could it stay where it is?

Would you have water hose to run up to your granny flat thru a window or open door and into the tank? Then you could fill the tank with tap water, plug everything in & start it all running and treat the water.

As far as the fish being in water too cold - would you have any sort of clean temporary container that you could put them in? If so, you could put it in a spot that would stay warm (like near a stove, etc.) & fill it with treated water heated to about 26-28c? If necessary, you could do 25% water changes with treated water heated to say 30c whenever the temp started getting low to bring it up slowly and keep it in their comfort range while getting the big tank ready.

Then when the big tank is filled with treated water & everything's running & the big tank has a water temp close to the temporary container's water - you could transfer the fish into the big tank.

Not sure if this plan works or not, but I hope it's at least a start. Best of luck with the move.
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you don't need to worry about transporting the water, there is no beneficial bacteria in it to wory out, so just empty some of it into a bucket, put the fish in the bucket, then empty the tank, and move it, then refill it with warm water, use a thermometer to get it as close to 26 as you can, plug everyting back in, no problems, the only thing you have to worry about is keepin the bacteria alive in the filter, after 20 min, it'll be useless,and you'll have to recycle your tank
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the only thing you have to worry about is keeping the bacteria alive in the filter, after 20 min, it'll be useless,and you'll have to recycle your tank[/quot

I am thinking that you don't have a under gravel filter .All you have to do is put your filter in a bucket of your tank water and let it run, this will give the bacteria oxygen and keep them alive ,good luck .
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First of all, thanks for the help guys!!!! ;D
Gee, I always thought that to cycle your tank it was something to do with what happens to the water in the tank, not just the filter!!
Well that was my number one problem to try and figure out-how to move 117 gallons of water 50 meters!!! ???
So, what your trying to tell me is that all I have to do is take empty all the water and put the filter in a bucket and let it run???
Then I fill the tank up with water(treated ofcourse!!) and put the fish back in(heaters in and everything).
Please can someone clarify this???
Thanks again!!
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The filter and your substrata are where the good bacteria tend to build up. For the filter, if you were able to keep it running that would be best, but you do have a little time to move it from tank to tank.. I'm not sure if you'd want to but you could even hook the filter onto your 10 gallon tank if a bucket wouldn't work to have it running while you get the 117g tank emptied, moved & refilled. Then you could hook the filter back into the 117g while you wait for it to get to the temperature of the water in the container that you put the fish in.
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I know this is a really old thread but I'm still going to post...Remove 50% of the water then get 6 or 7 BIG dudes to move it for you!

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