Help, Help... Does size matter?

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UV Craziness.... I'm confused...

I just purchased a 24w sterilizer with these features for my 26g fw... my question is, is the size and/or watts ok?

Treats fresh and salt water aquariums up to 106 U.S. gallons (400 L). ???
Completely submersible and sealed to ensure no water leakage.
Has a 12V internal UV sterilizer with power head.
Uses a 24W sterilization lamp
Built-in LED indication for UV sterilizer replacement
Child Safe 12V low voltage design.
Filtration pump (400 L/hour) and sponge included.
Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time.
Requires no tubing, has one plug to work both the UV sterilizer and filtration.
Assembled unit measures 15"L x 2 1/4"W x 4 1/4"D.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.
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A 24 watt uv sterilizer on a 26 gallon is on the big side... I think a 9 w or 15 w would be more economical. Why are you needing one? Algae control? Disease control? Both of those issues can be remedied without the need for a UV sterilizer. Could be wrong, but I think the biggest benefit you'll see from using one on your freshwater aquarium may be a reduced growth rate in algae. IMO these are very expensive products with negligible results. My 2 cents on the UVs. Hopefully someone else will chime in here too.
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Mike, thanks for the help! This is a new hobby for me, and lets just say... its been a long road in a very short time.

I have 2 tanks, one 6 gallon fry tank and the 26g bow. Both up and running since about Easter. Water parameters are ok in both, however it seems ever single time I add a new fish to the 26 I get some sort of fungus, fin rot, ich or unexplained death or two. They were out of stock of the 9w, and the guy at the lfs said that the increased watts would do a better job and that it didnt matter as long as the unit was rated for 100 gallon or less.... however, I am skeptical at best. I don't have algae or green water (yet - tg) and I am looking for a way to control the sickness. I don't have room for another tank for quarantine, so I thought UV might be the answer. I am also concerned that this unit will heat the water... is that possible.

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Yes it may add a little heat to the water in a smaller tank... I feel that a quarantine tank, even a small one where you could treat your fish would be better (cheaper and more effective) than a UV.

Fungus can result from other probs (disease or injury) and the fin rot is usually brought on by nippy tank mates and/or lower water quality... need more frequent water changes. You can wipe ich out by doing the quarantine for several weeks before introducing new fish to your tank. A UV may help in a small marginal way, but the qt will take care of the prob more quickly and effectively.
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So I guess we've learned that size DOES matter.

.....and to come chat with the experts before we spend money on toys.
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Mike - again, thank you for your timely and much needed advice...

after much consideration, and more extensive research on UV, I have chosen to return the lamp. What I have found out, the hardway, is that every LFS employee has different and/or contradictory advice. As a new hobbiest, its hard to filter out the truth between all the hype and myth, not to mention deal with other hobbiests snide remarks.

Thanks again, Laura
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no prob - glad to help ya save a few dollars that you can use on other fish stuff. More tanks?
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Funny you should mention that... because I have just finished setting up a new 45g!
So, since Easter... I have now have a 6 gallon fry tank, a 26g livebearer tank, and a 45g cycling tank!
I think I have beeen bitten by some sort of fish bug or somethin!
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uh uh... It's called MTS! Multiple Tank Syndrome. We're all hooked here and having therapist sessions to get rid of our obsession.
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uh uh... It's called MTS! Multiple Tank Syndrome. We're all hooked here and having therapist sessions to get rid of our obsession.

lol.. speak for yourself.. we're upping our MTS any chance we get.

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