Help! Guppy Picked Algae Off Of Cryptocoryne Roots. Is He Safe?

  1. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Hi. I just transferred my guppies and all their stuff and my Cryptocoryne Wendtii to a new, bigger tank. A few minutes ago, I saw one of my guppies, Tobias, picking at the roots of one of the Crypt plants. I guess I didn't see when I was putting it in the tank that some of the roots (just a little bit) were exposed when I stopped covering them with gravel. Is Tobias safe?
  2. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Of course he is. Look at their mouth. It is made to eat insect larvae on the water surface and to rasp at algae too. If you take a fly to Trinidad and Tobago and see wild guppies alll you will see them doing is pick at algae all day long and looking for insect larvae.
    Fish like guppys, Platys and Mollys eat algae in the wild. Since they are not in the top of the food chain they need to resort to easy food sources like insects and algae.
  3. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    I'm not worried about him eating the algae, just worried about whether or not the roots could poison him.
  4. EmmaBudgie Member Member

    My new guppys have been eating algae for weeks and seem fine. They eat it constantly in my tank, I don't have much algae but what I do have doesn't stick around for long.
  5. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    I dont think they would. I cant pop up a scientific study and show you they arent poisonus because I dont think there are any, but I am sure he will be fine.
  6. guppiesandpuppies Member Member

    Also lol side note: Tobias thinks he's at the top of the food chain. He nips me sometimes when my hands are in the tank (doesn't hurt, Tobias ) . And he's a fin-nipper.
  7. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Haha. My Tiger Barbs and Mollys also nip at my hands. I used to handfeed them and now they wont leave my hands alone when doing maintenance.
  8. EmmaBudgie Member Member

    Haha my 3 guppy love to nip my hands. Any reason my hand is in the tank they nip, they don't leave me alone. I think its cute :)