help, grey fungas/algae

  1. scorpio Initiate Member

    help , grey fluffy fungas / algae

    :;bmu just brought home a 75 gallon used tank i bought which came with everything included . Yea !! the last owner had a lot of green algae on the gravel. After i put in tank i noticed some of the gravel had a grey looking fluffy fungas/algae on it ? Could it be dead green algae that turned grey? Anyway, how to get it off the gravel ? dosent want to rub off. Should i try boiling in water ? Thanks for helping:;banaman
  2. Llama Well Known Member Member

  3. scorpio Initiate Member

    yes , i think it might bebrush algae.
  4. Regal Well Known Member Member

    Congrats on the new tank!

    Is the tank cycled? Do you have a test kit?

  5. scorpio Initiate Member

    thanks for the congrats , it was cycled but i had to drain so i could reinforce the wood stand it came with . it was making some disturbing noises and i didnt have a surf board lol