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    Cory F. Initiate Member

    I know this questiom has been answered a million times but there are SO many different suggestion i just want know if there something im doing wrong. I first had red hair algae but thankfully that went away but now im back in the same position. The only difference is that green and almost looks like a cloud of smoke when i scrub it

    Thanks ive gotten good advice here on this site before and you all know your stuff

    My tank is 180g with fluval fx5 filter,

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  2. Nart

    Nart Well Known Member Member

    We need a bit more information from you.

    How new is this tank?
    What's in it?
    What are your water parameters (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, Phosphates, Salinity)?
    What lights do you have? How long do you run them for?
    Live rocks? Dry rocks?
    What's in that filtration?
    Any power-heads in it?
    How often and what do you feed?
    What's your weekly maintenance look like?
    What type of water are you using? Tap, RO, RODI?
    What salt brand?