Help!! Goldfish Fell Out Of Pond

  1. OneLittleBubble

    OneLittleBubble Well Known Member Member

    I was changing the pond water like normal and saw my goldfish stuck in the drain and quickly took him out. He lost lots of scales and swam away. I filled up the tank and left the water running (face palm). I went to check and saw him alive on the ground. However, after putting in the Pond he looked terrible and had so much bubbles on him. I know it's not ich. Will th bubbles give him trouble? My ryukin is following him and I out some stress guard. What should I do? I'm so worried he's just a baby
  2. KakeHugs

    KakeHugs Well Known Member Member

    Separate him and go from there. You don't want him catching a disease from his problems and transferring it to the others nor do you want the others picking on him.
  3. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    He may shake it off, but if he seems very distressed/ damaged then you may want to put him in a hospital set up until you are sure he has stabilized.
  4. OP

    OneLittleBubble Well Known Member Member

    I checked on him and he is no longer floating I think, but the bubbles are still covering him. No one is bullying him or following him anymore. He seems okay and is swimming slower than usual though. I recently tore down all of my aquariums, so I don't have one for him with adequate space