Help, Goby has Blood Patches Near Eyes!

New here, sorry, its kind of an emergency, posted on 2 other boards but no one has a clue. Diamond goby is about 3 years old. 40G tank, sifts through the sand and readily eats frozen Mysis.

A few days ago he got what looks like an infection near his eyes. The went from pink to blood red, then back to just pink now both sides exactly the same blood red. Not eating on day, then a little bit the next, and today nothing. Labored breathing, gill quite wide open. Staring off into space mostly to day unless the cleaner shrimp comes by then he just jumps forward.

I cannot treat him if I can't figure out what he has got. Water is ok except for high nitrates .80. Other fish in tank look fine.

The reason I am posting here is this type of goby is unusual in that he sifts through the sand for food taking mouth full of sand which comes out the back by his gills. So maybe its a unique infection? Is it possible he has something lodged way down in his stomach? Parasites or worm inside his head? Looks like he is almost bleeding on the inside.

I have attached a pic. Its about 2 days old, both sides look the same but now blood red in color. Their is even a little thread of red now sort of leaking across his nose over his mouth. Its getting worse. Too small to photo.

Open to any ideas, totally stumped, don't even know what organ is there other then nostrils. Really need some help Please?


See attached pic:
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Hi, welcome to Fishlore

Wow, I'm not exactly sure what is going on. Normally red/inflamed gills is indicative of ammonia poisoning IMO.

I don't have a lot of experience with diseases (thankfully most of my fish are bought healthy, and stay healthy).

I think we need to go through a process of elimination here:
Nitrates - at 0.80, hardly cause for alarm
Did you change salt mix?
Do you use tap water or RO/DI for top-up/mixing? - the change of seasons can have a big effect on tap water quality, especially if you're in a snowy area.
What exactly are your parameters? pH, Alk, SG/Salinity, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, temperature
Have you changed food source?
Is the fish still active? or is it retreating and shy?
Is the fish still eating?

I honestly don't know what the problem may be (if it is indeed a problem).
Some gobies have the ability to camouflage (e.g. lawnmowers), are you seeing normal colour morphing with surroundings?
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I don't mix my own water, I get it from a local fish store. I usually test it. The only thing I can say that is odd about that is they bumped up the salinity. Normally I try to keep that at 1.024, but without telling me about 6 months ago they changed it. If I get their "reef water" its at 1.028 and if I get their "fish only" water its at 1.022. For a while I was trying to mix the 2 but it became too difficult so I went with the higher temp because I have some mushrooms in the tank.

Water - I checked for Ammonia twice and its 0. Nitrite - 0, Ph 7.8 in the morning. Nitrates always high at .80. Temp is 76F.

Food source is the same, use mostly PE Mysis for years without problems. Always rinse it and add Vibrance which is a vitamin mix I used to use for seahorses.

Last night totally just sitting there staring into space not eating, thought he would be gone by this morning. Checked on him when I got up and as I got close to the tank he was alert and darted into his cave. Now he is back out again its around feeding time.

As far as I know he cannot color morph. Diamond Gobies are not actually white, they are kind of milky sort of transparent. So the spots by his head before they got red looked like they were a dark organ of some kind barely visible through the white skin. Now blood red. Exact match on both sides so I think they are an organ or part of the gills way up front maybe. Or part of his nasal cavity. At first one side showed up red, then it switched to the other side, now both red all the time.

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