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Hi, guys. So I’d been debating between a snowflake moray and one of the reasonably sized puffers. I came across some very healthy-looking, 4” spiny box puffers, and since the snowflake comes with some potential problems that wouldn’t quite work for my tank, I opted for the puffer.

It’s been a few days and he has yet to eat for me. Before I bought him I asked what they’d been feeding them and if they’d been eating at all at the LFS. The guy said they were but only that they were eating frozen foods. Called back a few days later to ask again and what specifically they’d been feeding them. He said a few frozen foods, and live rosy reds (which I do not want to feed it, for obvious reasons.

I’ve tried krill, squid, clams, shrimp. No go so far. He paid attention a few times like he was considering it, but has yet to actually eat. I’ve even been soaking the fresh food in garlic. Now I know they’re notorious for being tough to get eating. Water parameters are perfect. He’s energetic and looks and behaves as if he’s healthy.

Any recommendations as to what I can do to get this fella eating? And how long without eating before I need to start being concerned?

Much appreciated!

75g Discus Tank

Cut the food into small, fish sized strips.

Then, use tweezers to move them slowly around he aquarium in a jerky motion.
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I’ve tried this, and he just seems to get annoyed. I’ve been hanging various garlic-soaked foods in the tank every day, and now 9 days later he still has not eaten.

I’m giving it til the weekend and then I am taking him back, since they said I could do so.

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