Help Gas Leak Important

  1. Robertcbjfan

    Robertcbjfan Valued Member Member

    Just found a gas leak in my house can it harm my fish?
  2. E

    E150GT Valued Member Member

    If you light a match.
  3. Fishlover832

    Fishlover832 Valued Member Member

    Honestly have no clue, I hope someone can help. I would just say that if it's safe for you to stay in the house, then it's probably safe for the fish. If you had to evacuate, then maybe not.
  4. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    I hope you called the emergency number and are out of the house! The gas company will come anytime day or night to shut it off.

    I had one a few years back, and discovered that along with cracked gas pipes, the furnace had cracked as well and was spewing carbon monoxide. They shut us off in 14 degree weather for three days while everything was replaced. Fish were fine! Lots of space heaters though.