Help! Fungus on danios?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by BlueMint, Jul 22, 2015.

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    I have 10 Zebra Danios in my 60 gallon.

    I just realized that two or three of them are acting weird and have white patches on their bodies. What do I do? Should I take them out? How do I treat them? Or will they heal by themselves? Are my other fish infected too?

    Its urgent! Help please?

    I panicked and seperared the two danios who were acting weird and have white patches.

    The thing is, I originally had 6 danios. Yesterday, I bought 4 more. I couldnt quarantine them since my dad threw away my small quarantine tank yesterday morning (how convinient. Thanks dad). Should I try to figure out who the new ones are and quarantine them along with the fungus ones?

    The new ones are very small and pale (stress?). The ones I have had for a while now are large and have vibrant colors and amazing fins. I take it they are healthy. Can they easily fall prey to the fungus though? If it even is fungus...

    I quarantined the two in a small tupperware (its all I had).
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    Yeah a good picture or even video would help us idenitify, but it sounds like columnaris, you may have to use an antibiotic.
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    Well... I woke up the morning after I posted this to find that the two sick ones had died... Whatever it was, I just hope it didnt affect the fish that dont appear sick. Theyre all swimming around like normal so Im hoping we got lucky.