Help for my goldfish!!

  1. Stacie Initiate Member

    We got two goldfish about three weeks ago. I have noticed one picks on the other by pushing him out of the way, following him and gulping at his body. He seemed to be okay the first couple of weeks. But recently I noticed the picked on one has been staying on the bottom of the tank most of the time and not really swimming. Also when he tries to eat, the food will come back out of his mouth and he tries to eat it again but it doesn't stay inside. What are some thoughts on this and suggestions?
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Re: Help for my fish!!

    Hi Stacie! Welcome to FishLore! I'm not real experience with goldfish, but my guess would be that you have 2 different types, and one is faster or bigger than the other causing it to be the dominant fish. You may want to quarantine the sick fish and see if he's not eating because he's picked on. How big is your tank?
  3. Stacie Initiate Member

    Re: Help for my fish!!

    Thanks for responding. They are both goldfish and the same size. They are only about 1 inch to 1.5 inches in length (body only). We have a 10 gallon tank.