Help Fix A Mistaken Purchase

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    stratozyck New Member Member

    So yesterday was my birthday (yay me) and my wife allowed me to buy a nano tank (thats how it works I guess when you get older...). I wanted the evo and there was a store about 15 miles away that I last saw it in (should have mail ordered, why, oh why do I continue to shop retail??).

    Anyways I get there and it is about to close. They were out of the evo but said the Fluval 15G curved would grow coral and my idiot self did not look it up. I get home and see the light is not good for corals. I should have known better because the closer LFS is much, much more trustworthy and everything they tell me is accurate while the times I have gone to them I ended up with the wrong stuff. But the closer LFS does not have nanos.

    Help me upgrade this to grow an anemone and a bubble coral! I bought two of these: : Fluval Eco Nano Led Lamp : Pet Supplies (it was $24 a piece on ebay) but those are rated at 9k and don't appear to have but one setting. I am thinking of also adding some blue strips.

    I am just curious, if I added those two lamps, a blue strip, and some extra flow, would that be enough for SPS? I don't intend on putting SPS in there but just wanted to know my options. Currently the tank is cycling with only live sand and the built in lights.

    I feel silly asking this because I do have a larger reef aquarium that was plug and play (Red Sea) and getting a nano was a way to reward my new found confidence in keeping water parameters in range. I am also mad at that LFS for telling me a freshwater plant light would be good for soft corals/anemones/bubble coral.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hmmmmmmmm.... a few things here...

    Technically, they weren't wrong, you can definitely keep easy corals under pretty much any light source. So they have you there... but I would personally go back and tell them "hey I went home and looked up the lights and they can't support SPS coral growth" Ask them if you can return the tank (considering if you haven't used it yet) or get them to cut you on a deal with some nice lights they are selling.

    Honestly, I'm not a light expert, but one thing I do believe in is.... you can't skimp on some equipment if you are planning to go for the long haul and keep nice corals. Lighting is very important and not all LEDs are made equal. There are some SPS corals that are considered easy and requires less PAR, which you might be able to get away with, but if you want to just save yourself the trouble in the long run.... bite the bullet and look for AI Prime HDs or Kessil A80 or A160. Current Marine Orbit lights are nice and will suffice as well. I had them, but I love my AI Prime HDs a lot better.
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    stratozyck New Member Member

    Yeah, I am not really planning on SPS in this tank but I have to admit, I like the tank setup better than the evo 13.5, it is more of a cube with the sump in the rear. So while I am upset, oh well. The lights I got where $60 a piece at petco and when I quickly looked it up on ebay, they are discontinued and selling for $24 on ebay.

    I think 9k with some blues (or not using blues) will do fine for what I am intending - an anemone and a bubble coral - but I am already thinking of getting another one of these for an SPS only. So yeah to sum up, I am mad I didn't get what I want but I am ok with this.