Help! Fish With Fin Rot?

  1. Elana Initiate Member

    my black Morr has fin rot, he's been in my tank for about two weeks. He looked fine when I first bought him, I got him from Walmart so I'm not surprised he is diseased. Is there anything I can do? I don't have any testing kits or treatments for the water except for this "fresh start" additive that is sapposed to help when starting a new tank, I also have a treatment that declorinates and gets ride of chloramine, I've been doing weekly water changes of atleast 5-8 gallons in a 29 gallon tank, all my other fish are fine so far, it started on just one side of his tail fin but now both of the tips of his fins has turned white and is just kinda rotting away, unfortunately I can't quarantine him, and I can't get to the store to but anything until Saturday, any advise would be much appreciated.

    Ok I found a random test strip ment for the hot tub we have out back

    No bromine or chlorine
    Ph -7.5
    Alkalinity-240 ppm
    Total hardness- 25 ppm

    Not sure if any of that is useful or not, but atleast I know there is no chlorine in there
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you list how many fish and the species that you have in the tank?

    I would invest in your own liquid test kit - knowing the water parameters is essential to good fishkeeping. You can get the API Freshwater Master Kit from Ebay or Amazon for much cheaper than in a store.

    Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?
  3. Elana Initiate Member

    I've got 1 black Morr 1 calico goldfish 1 leopard Danio 1 zebra Danio 3 guppies a male crown beta and 1 yellow snail, I've ordered a test kit just haven't gotten in in yet, I've forgotten what little I did know about the nitrogen cycle is been like 7 years since I've had a tank, so far everybody is fine except for the black more I only started this tank about a month or so ago
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You have stocking issues, if you'd like to discuss them.

    Your tank is likely uncycled, and this can encourage fin rot. For now, I would be doing 50% water changes a few times a week, until you can get a test kit and see where you are in the nitrogen cycle.
  5. Fizzfrog Member Member

    I agree with TexasDomer about your stocking. I'd also get a bottle of Seachem Prime and dose the tank daily (it wears off after 24 hours). It'll neutralize any ammonia or nitrite left in the tank after the water changes if you're uncycled.
  6. Elana Initiate Member

    What are my stocking issues? I'm basically recreating a tank I had years ago that worked out quite well, once I know the tank is established and any kinks worked out I plan on adding 1femal betta (for companionship not breeding) also 1 oranda and 1 African butterfly fish, I've kept all theses exact fish happily in tank before what are the issues?
  7. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Goldfish need much cooler water than betta. Keeping fish at improper temps can reduce their lifespans and increase their susceptibility to disease. Because goldies are so messy, they shouldn't be kept with other fish.

    Danios need to be in groups. They are stressed and usually nippy in small groups.

    Bettas don't usually do well long term in community tanks, particularly those with guppies.

    In this size tank, two fancy goldies would be pushing it, but arguably doable. What kind of goldfish is the calico?

    If you want to keep the goldies, I would rehome the other fish.
  8. Elana Initiate Member

    I am already using seachem prime with every water change, should I add it to the tank in between changes? The test stop I did use showed no chlorine.
  9. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Prime can protect your fish from harmful ammonia and nitrites, so it can be useful between water changes as well.
  10. Elana Initiate Member

    The current water heater I am using isn't adjustable it stays around 76, the calico was bought from Walmart so I don't really know anything breed wise besides "gold fish" but if I had to guess I'd say it's fancy, looks like a black morr body shap/fin wise but normal eyes. Is the betta/guppy issue because they both hangout at the same level in the tank? I plan on taking the calico out when I add the oranda, it was really just a starter fish to get the tank going, so ultimately there will be 1 black more and 1 Oranda, so in a 30 gallon tank I should only have 2 fish? I appreciate the advice but as I said I have maintained these same species together for many years with no issues

    Ok, will do.
  11. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    76 F is too low for the betta and too high for the danios and goldies. The fish you have in the tank really shouldn't be kept together, for their health. Temp incompatibilities don't usually cause visible issues, but can shorten the health of the fish at the improper temps, and can cause an increase in susceptibility to disease.

    Bettas often attack guppies, and even if they haven't yet, they are often stressed by the high activity of the guppies. I would get the betta his own tank if you don't want to rehome him.

    It's not fair to the fish to use them just as cycling fish, only to rehome them later.

    In a 30 gal tank, you shouldn't have more than 2 goldfish. You can have more than 2 fish in a tank if they aren't goldfish.

    So you've had all of these fish in the tank for years?
  12. Elana Initiate Member

    I previously used the exact same set up and same species ,with an African butterfly also which I plan to get once the new tank is establish . I had that tank for about 6 years without any problems, I was also breeding guppies at the time and would move the females out into a 10 gallon nursery tank, then put the back in the community tank, as far as the Goldie's being messy, yes they are but I have a battery powered suction gravel cleaner that has a bag to catch all the waste then the water flows back into the tank, I use the vacuum everyday to get out all the poop I can see and I normally monitor the water on a weekly basis I just haven't gotten the test kit I ordered yet.

    The battery power vacuum is great, I can clean the gravel everyday without doing a water change .

    As far as using the calico as a cycling fish I see it like this A. The fish stays at Walmart and dies a slow painful death or B. I "use" it to get my tank set up and when the time comes I take it to an aquarium store owner that I know in blue field who will happily take it off my hands and properly care for it until he sells it and makes a profit, and that's why I bought a fancy goldfish so it wouldn't have to be sold as a feeder fish.
  13. Niki Rose Member Member

    Danios need to be in schools of 6 minimum so i would suggest rehoming them and putting the betta in a tank by himself
  14. Elana Initiate Member

    Look, stocking issues aside is there any treatment I need to buy to stop the fin rot, I've delt with ick before but never had a fin rot problem, what can I do for the fin rot?
  15. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Please don't add a butterfly fish. They need much warmer water than the goldfish, and they are sensitive to water quality.

    Large and frequent water changes can cure mild cases of fin rot. However, you have an overstocked tank that will only get worse as the goldies grow, and you will likely continue to have issues with water quality and disease. We are trying to help you stock correctly to fix current health issues, and prevent future ones.
  16. Elana Initiate Member

    I plan on getting a separate 10 gallon tank for the African butterfly, I know better than to put them in my current tank, I've always had the butterfly in there own tank.

    I understand that you advise is ment to educate me on the recommended ideal tank, but at the end of the day I have to weigh everyone's recommendations against my past experiences. And if I do continue to have issues with my current stocking then I will reevaluate.
  17. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    A 10 gal is too small for a 4-5" fish that only occupies the surface.
  18. Elana Initiate Member

    So depending on who you ask on here, ALL gold fish have to be kept separate from any other fish, African butterfly fish also can't be kept in a community tank ( or there own separate tank ) and I should just get a 30 gallon tank for each individual species! I think I'll just stick with the reccomendations from my the aquarium owner who's been in business for 35 yrs!! Thanks but no thanks..........
  19. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    ABFs can definitely be kept in certain communities. And no, 30 gal is not the minimum for every species.

    I have kept ABFs though, and a 10 gal isn't big enough. Sure, he'll live, but it won't be a great setup.

    Of course the aquarium owner is going to tell you that. He wants to sell you fish. At least you know we're not in it for money.