Help! Fish stressed and lost color

  1. fengshui

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    My tank has overly adequate filtration and feedings and is always happy. However I've noticed that they're much more stressed out and lost their color(Red Devils, red severums, blood parrots). Don't worry, the red devil is the smallest of all and doesn't attack. The tank light has been off for a couple of days since I had to get a new extension cord and just turned them back on tonight. Could they be stressed because they haven't seen daylight for awhile? Also, they're in my bedroom where I don't sleep due to lack of AC, however, temperatures are stable and the room is kept dark most of the times. What could be the cause, water parameters should be fine due over filtration. Any help is appreciated.
  2. blusshed

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    I see in your profile that you do know the nitrogen cycle, but I'm just going to come out and say this, not meaning to sound harsh at all, but just because your tank is "over filtrated" does not mean that water parameters "should be fine."

    I'm saying this because I have a 75gal, and we have (2) Emperor 400 filters, and they don't keep the water parameters "fine."
    We still have to do 50% water changes bi-weekly, to keep the nitrAtes under 20-40PPM.
    (I do about a 75% if they are around 40PPM, and an extra good gravel vacuum.)

    What are your most recent parameters? Do you have a test kit?
    I'd test, if your tank is fully cycled, your nitrAtes could be high?

    What is your water change schedule?

    And again, I'm not trying to sound harsh, just want to help! :)
  3. Lucy

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    **Title changed to reflect the issue**

    Fish often get pale when the tank is dark.
    They should color up when the lights are on.