Help! Fish sick, what to do?

  1. ystrout

    ystrout Valued Member Member

    One of my pearl danios got sick on Sunday. He's one of my oldest, I've had him since I got the tank on October.

    It started as a white spot on the bottom lip, similar looking to cottonmouth. I started pimafix and melafix. Didn't seem to do anything, now all of his scales on his shoulder area (above gills on back) are pine coning. Now he has those white lumps on his face, edge of eye lid (if fish had eyelids).

    What disease is this? I understand it is probably too late for the pearl, but I'm worried about everyone else in the 20 gallon long. Also, a zebra Danio looks like he may be developing the white bump and pine coning scales.

    Can someone tell me what disease this is? And what should I do?

    I've seen the sick fish touch some of my healthy ones. Will they get it too?

    And on a side note, does Pimafix and melafix make fish not very hungry?

  2. gsong321

    gsong321 Valued Member Member

    It sounds like dropsy, a bacterial infection that can also be kidney failure. It probably is too late for the pearl but I would continue the melafix. I just treated a five year old goldfish fish with it and it did the job. Melafix doesn't seem to have any adverse effects (that I've noticed) other than creating a nasty foam on top of the water. After your done treating I would watch the nitrates closely, high nitrates can be the cause of this disease. Good luck!