Help! Fish Loosing Tails, Covered In White Fungus!

I suggest heat for now. Do a major water change. Add carbon to your filters. All in an effort to remove current meds from the tank. Wait a day or 2 and if its a really advanced case of ich ,medicate. I don't like to use meds for ich but sometimes its necessary . I recommend rid-ich plus.
I tried to point this out Saturday when everyone was fighting over carbon. They were well salted then, I'm sure they are a mess by now. I would not mix medications but I do not think you have time for the heat treatment. When was the last dose of the Fungus Guard and how much water have you changed out after that?
my Mom said that with the activated carbon, it should kill the fungus stuff. I do have a weird fungus in my tank though... Its like mold in water...
really weird. gravel vaccumed it all up. I think. Its kinda growing on the pleco...
Maybe you could get us a picture of the "mold in water" stuff later. But right now if you have carbon in your filter, It is taking out the medication and you are not treating the fish. You need to get that carbon out of the filter.
My Betta is looking a bit better. Not going sideways when laying down, using pelvic fins. Not jamming head into holes. My pleco is still attaching himself to the filter lip... letting stream wash over him...
Sorry to hear that. Hang around the forum and do some research. Keep learning and maybe you can start over at a later time. Good luck!
They are all dead...
I'm very sorry to hear that.

If/when you feel ready to restart, there are many knowledgable members here who would be happy to help guide you through the process--cycling the tank, appropriate stocking, tank maintenance, etc.

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