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    Hello im
    New to forum im having trouble eith my tank one fish has died already. But asside from fiah in danger it my plants that are dieing also . My plants like java fern n i think crypts and some rotundafolia are slowly dieing leaves have holes in them n look like its rottin away slowly. Also ther is algea i think its green n stringy like also my sides of glass arr turning green. I do weekly water changes about 30% by the time i do weekly water change my wter level has dropped to juat above half my tank from the top. I have a 15 gal tank so its not to big my light i use is two phillips 13w=60w daylight bulbs light output on each bulb is 900 lumens 13w bulb each. I was told i am using the right bulb by somone on here before. I dont lno wat the problem is :( i dose flourish exel just a little bit probably about 1-2 ml evry 2 weeks on days i do t do wc. If somone knows wy this is happening plz help me i dnt kno wat to do i research and research i camt find an answer too many possibilities i need expert help. I dont want to lose my planta or even my 2 fish i have left:( ty anyone for this help.

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    Hello and welcome.

    I'm sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. I am far from an expert so can't help you as much as some others will. But a couple of questions - how long do you leave your lights on at a time? And I'm not sure, but it seems like maybe your temperature might be too high. And I am pretty sure gouramis - and in fact most freshwater fish - don't like having salt in their tank. It is an irritant for them.

    There will be others along who can help you much better than I can. Good luck to you.
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    Hi, One factor contributing to your fish dying may be the rotting plants causing water quality issues, so make sure to remove any rotting plants as soon as possible. I am concerned about your water level: did I understand correctly that by the time you do the weekly water change almost half of your water is gone? That would be highly unusual. Where is the water going, is is evaporating or is there a leak? If you have water quality issues, consider doing daily water changes and not just weekly while the troubles remain unresolved - fresh water helps resolve a lot of issues. Do you have a water test kit to measure if there is any ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates etc?
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    hi there

    did you have all those fish in your profile in your 15g?

    if yes i would say water quality would be a problem especially if your water level drops to half way, what fish have you got left?

    as joanna said daily w/c with conditioner will help greatly

    what filtration do you have and were you cycled? all those fish and only set up for a month i would not likley

    sorry for all the questions but it will help to help you
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