Help!!! Fish eye popped out! Important

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Sturty, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. SturtyValued MemberMember

    I just got home from work to find this.
    I have no idea how or why it happened or even the slighted idea how to fix it.
    I dont have an adequate sized hospital tank either
    Please help :-(
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  2. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    The cause will determine your course of treatment. Bacterial or fungal infections behind the eye, dropsy, swelling in the eye itself, or injury are possibilities I can think of. What are your parameters currently? We can pretty much rule out dropsy because his scales aren't raised. Now, you should probably wait for other replies, but if it were me I would treat with Seachem Stress Guard for now (it's safe and has antiseptic properties, good if it's an injury) and see if it gets worse.

  3. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the fast reply
    Parameters are-
    Sg 1.024
    Temp 25°c
    Ammonia 0ppm
    Nitrites 0ppm
    Nitrates 80ppm (im having issues keeping this down)

    I dont have access to any meds at the moment (small town syndrom)
    But i might be able to get it by tommorow afternoon or friday morning at the latest.

    Is it possible it was a physical injury? I seen him 6 hours ago and he was fine.

  4. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Yes, definitely possible. I don't know if you can get it back in? I've never personally dealt with this specific problem. I would think the main thing would be to prevent infection, but what's going to happen to the eye, I don't know. Sorry I can't be more help :(

  5. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Sturty,
    Sorry you're having trouble, the following may help

    I don't have direct experience with fish disease (I've been very lucky with my fish), but the above link does detail how to deal with Pop-eye.

    Nitrates can be a cause of pop-eye.

    I've gotta be honest, you really need to do something about those nitrates. You should aim to do it quickly, but gradually (see below)

    How much water do you change? How often?
    How much are you feeding?
    Is the skimmer pulling a lot out?
    What's in the filter? How often are you cleaning it out (traditional filters are nitrate factories)

    From above link:
    "High nitrAtes/nitrItes, ammonia, metal or plastic poisoning can be the reason too."
    "a 50 percent water change is recommended again and 15-20 percent water changes 3-5 times per week, until the water readings are correct."
  6. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Im trying everything i can with the nitrates.
    Im using treated tap water
    25% water changes every weekend and about 10L maximum water top up over the week due to evaporation
    I have no filtration other than live rock. My internal filter has no media in it and is just operating as a power head.

    Im feeding very little at the moment, any put in there is eaten in around 30 seconds

    The skimmer was very active for the first 3-4 days and now is skimming off very little, still bubbling heaps just very little waste collected

    I'll do a 50% change tonight and vacuum the substrate again.

    Would removing the substrate completely help reduce nitrates?
  7. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    In there lies the problem more than likely you are using Tap water even if it is treated. Tap has alot of metals that water conditioners can not remove them and alot of SW live stock can not handle it. If you have Prime or Amquel try a double dose.
  8. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    I would suggest switching to distilled water, or better RO, or best would be RO/DI.

    I would also be testing your tap water for the presence of NO3 and NO2
    I found the following that suggests the following levels are considered safe in New South Wales water supplies:
    Nitrate 100 mg-NO3/L for adults and children over 3 months
    Nitrite 3 mg-NO2/L

  9. SturtyValued MemberMember

    My tap water is pretty good, very low chlorine levels, almost no trace metals and inly flouride? Added.
    I live in the snowy mountains where the water is some of the cleanest in the country. RO isnt available but its something i'll look into

    I spoke to the previous owner of the fish a few minutes ago. Sge used untreated rap water for 5 years and only changed water every two months with under gravel filtration. The fish survived that for the whole 5 years of their lives.
    How they survived is a mystery and if they survived that i dint know how im making them sick
    Ive done a single dose of prime

    Ive tested the water for nitrates and nitrites (not ammonia though) and they are 0ppm
  10. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Well something is generating those nitrates ;)
  11. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Im thinking a build up of waste in the substrate. I'll remove it and find out
  12. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Probably, yes, and increase your water changes to 50% weekly or 25% twice weekly until you get those levels down.
  13. ILikeFishiesValued MemberMember

    I agree with what Eienna said,i get very worried and paranoid when my nitrate level ever goes above 10ppm xD!. I would always try my best to keep the nitrate level below 10ppm, Even if i had to do water changes everyday.

    But about the pop eye, i once had a guppy with pop eye, i just came back that day and saw that one of its eye was bulging out. Strangely enough after lots of daily water changes for a week the eye slowly went back to normal o.o.
  14. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Yeah im doing a 50% change tonight (just got home and having dinner)
    And will do 50% every day until it becomes better. Im removing the substrate while im at it.
    Ive also gotten onto a product that promotes nitrate removal. Which will ne here tuesday.
  15. flyinggogoValued MemberMember

    Another possibility although remote is strep(assuming salt water fish can get it). of course just like humans antibiotics would be your course of action then. On a side note while higher nitrates are not good, they are not the terrible thing most make them out to be, but i am far from a salt water expert. While treating with antibiotics, your biggest concern besides the fish is not nitrates, but your biological filtration getting thrown outta whack by the meds.
  16. throwthesandValued MemberMember

    That looks like pop-eye, look at this website if someone hasn't shown you already... if its a new fish it could be caused by stress but its probably nitrates.
  17. SturtyValued MemberMember

    I found the problem!!!! Im pretty sure it is a physical injury cause by the fish forcing himself between two pieces of coral.
    I caught him in the act of squeezing himself between and one piece of coral has a sharp pointy piece that was at eye level and touching his eye irritating it. I found it 24hours ago and moved the coral. Ive been monitoring his eye. The swelling is easyly half the size of when i originally found it :)

    Sorry about the iphone picture. The sharp piece in question is in the middle of the photo above the pointer.

    I am atill doing 20% water changes daily though to keep the nitrates in check
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  18. EiennaFishlore VIPMember

    Glad to hear it's getting better! Keep at it, and nice catch!
  19. SturtyValued MemberMember

    Im happy to say my biggest fish is now back to normal.
    I treated with 10% water changes daily and a 50% change on the weekends.
    I conditioned the water with seachem prime and half doses of stress guard every day.
    I must also note that i left the substrate in for the moment, as i was getting very little rubbish when vacuuming it, ive even noticed a very large decrease in the bristle worm population. possibly due to lack of food after i reduced the amount i fed the fish.

    I tried to take a photo but hes too active so this is the best i could do.

    A big thankyou to everyone who helped :) i really appreciate it
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  20. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    I'm very happy to hear your fish is better well done :)

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