Help, Fire Eel Won’t Eat

  1. thebromitch Initiate Member

    The title says it all, I added a fire eel to my 60 gallon two weeks ago and he hasn’t eaten anything. I don’t know how he’s still alive, and I’m really worried he’s going to starve. He’s gorgeous (and was expensive) and I really don’t want him to die. I know he will need a bigger tank soon, so I’m not looking for that lecture. Anyone have any ideas on why he’s not eating and how to get him to eat? I’ve tried frozen bloodworms in addition to regular pellet and flake food, but it literally falls in front of his face and he won’t eat. Any help would be much appreciated! 00fc2008bf40a31778784fd2fdb70f52.jpg 618c8ffc6b1347182fac6aa9078fb3cf.jpg
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    He most likely will not go for pellets and flake food, so it's best to stop feeding that to decrease the pollutants in your tank. Have you tried live blackworms? That is their main staple, and if he was a wild caught or not used to frozen, doing live food is your best bet. Even try live bloodworms

    If he's on the larger side (or you aren't afraid of cutting up worms) you can even try nightcrawlers, earthworms, or red wriggler worms (chemical free of course).

    Just out of curiosity, do you have any other fish in the tank? He may feel threatened not to eat and/or stressed out by the conditions. They are pretty sensitive animals.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. thebromitch Initiate Member

    Thank you for your speedy reply, I cannot believe the amazing help I’ve received on here.

    He’s about 11 inches, so he’s on the younger side, but not a baby. I have not tried live worms, but I feel like that will be my next step. The frozen bloodworms are not appetizing to this guy at all!

    I do have other fish in the tank, they are on my profile. However, I do not think I am overstocked. He gets along with everybody and does not get picked on one bit. Very docile and shy, but curious at times. I am wondering if maybe pollutants in my water conditions are adding to his stress. Thanks again, I will buy some live worms and hope for the best
  4. thebromitch Initiate Member

    This is one of his favorite spots! Don’t ask me why haha
  5. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    What a beauty!

    And crossing my fingers for the live foods :)