HELP!!! Fin Rot and Dropsy in Koi Angels

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by sun82, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. s

    sun82 Valued Member Member


    It looks like my fishes have got some diseases... Plz help me and confirm if my guesses are right.

    Koi Angel1 - Looks like dropsy (angel1_1.jpeg,angel1_2.jpeg,angel1_4.jpeg)
    Koi Angel2 - Looks like finrot (angel2_1.jpeg)
    Severum - Ich (ich_1.jpeg)

    I have a 30*15*15 inch tank. I have the following fishes (attached pics)
    (1) 6 Koi Angels
    (2) 2 Severum
    (3) 2 Gouramis
    (4) 1 Sea Angel
    (5) 4 Tiger barbs
    (6) 1 Rainbow Shark
    Tank temperature is maintained at 82F.

    1. Can I use drugs for Ich and Dropsy at the same time in the tank?
    2. Since multiple fishes are infected, can I medicate them in the same tank or should I remove them and medicate in a separate tank?
    3. The Sea Angel is little inactive these days. And, I am able to see a scale in the body which I havent seen earlier. Could this be dropsy/finrot?

    Please help...! Thanks

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  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi sun welcome to FishLore!
    If you could fill in your aquarium information (found at the top left under My Settings)
    Having all the information will help the members help you.

    I'm afraid your tank is overstocked.
    How long has the tank been set up?
    What are the readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

    I realize I didn't answer your questions, but I fear your fish's illness are related to the above questions. Until we can get some things sorted out and clarified, it's hard to answer your questions.
  3. OP

    sun82 Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your reply Lucy.

    This tank is set up a month back. All fishes seem to be active and eat well. I feed them with blood worms and flakes.

    I have updated my aquarium profile. I dont have a test kit and not sure if it is available in market. I am in India. I will try to post more pics. But based on the aquarium info, can you please suggest. Thanks.

    Last edited: Dec 28, 2009
  4. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Your welcome and thanks for the additional info. :)
    When things go wrong the first thing to rule out are water conditions.
    If you can't find a test kit, perhaps the shop will test it for you or you can order one on line. It would help us a lot if we knew the readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

    It's hard to tell from the pictures exactly what's going on.
    Was the tank cycled before fish were added? When was the last time you changed the water and how often do you change it?
    If you haven't done so recently, it would be a good idea to do one today.

    Unfortunatly, your tank is overstocked. Overstocking can cause stress which can lead to illness and disease.
    I don't keep you type of fish so I can't comment too much on compatibility and tank requirements.
    Hopefully someone else will chime in. However, your Severum can get really big. It's recommended they have a 55g tank. 6 Angels in your size tank is too many. I think you can keep one, not sure about 2 in a 30g.
    What kind of Gouramis do you have?
    It would be a goo idea to get a larger tank and separate some fish.

    If you suspect ich (I can't really see it on from the pictures) You can treat that without medication.
    Ich cannot live in higher temps.
    Slowly increase the temperature to 86F. Add an air store because warmer water has less oxygen. Leave it there for at least 2 weeks. Do water changes and gravel vacs to pic up the ich spores.
  5. OP

    sun82 Valued Member Member

    I will definitely try to get the info on the readings. First of all, I will try to get a test kit. Unfortunately, the aquarium shops here do not really know what these readings are all about. I need to find a 'good' professional aquarist soon.

    Please take a closer look at the koi angels - especially pics angel1_2 n angel1_4. You would notice the angel to have its lower part below the mouth bloated with blood like color under the jaw. I bought it like that. The fish is active.. sometimes bullies with another koi angel with lip locks. yesterday nite, i was also thinking that it could be pregnant. What do you think? I noticed the breeder tube protuding. I will try to get a better pic soon n post it.

    The ich has reduced really well in the severums. I increased the water temp to 80F and also added some anti ich medicine. My sea angel... who is one of the very active fishes with nme for the past 6 months isnt very active these days. not sure if it is the overstocking like you mentioned. but I noticed some ich spots on its body. I need to quarantine n treat him from today.

    I clean my aquarium every month.. 1/3 or 1/2 of the water is replaced. I cleaned it today morning... this time replaced the complete water, as I was told that whenever I use medicines in the fish tank, the water needs to be replaced completely. I also cleaned my stones n dried them under the sun for some hours... i was told that it helps in reducing the occurences of ich. I am planning to get another tank... to separate some fishes.

    Please suggest, if I am doing something wrong.
  6. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    Hi sun82!~ welcome to fishlore!!
    If you take the advice in lucys #4 post, that will help the fish babies a ton!!
    I think most of the issues are from an uncycled tank and once you get that cycle done, your fish will do well as rehoming some or getting another tank so the issues dont keep coming back ....

    all the issues you are seeing, including the blood coloring, can be from the tank not being well as blushing koi have the redness normally... so some of it is their coloring...
  7. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Sun, welcome to Fishlore.

    Lucy and Shawnie are giving you very good advice.

    Instead of one time every month, you should clean your tank every week. Instead of changing all of the water, change half of the water at a time. If you can use a water conditioner in the new water, that would help also. When you change the water, clean half the gravel with a gravel siphon/vacuum.

    Where in India are you? Delhi has an aquarium society. They may be able to tell you where to get a test kit if you email them.

    Good luck with your fish. :) Aur naya saal mubarak. (and Happy New Year)
  8. OP

    sun82 Valued Member Member

    Thanks for your comments Shawnie and Meenu. Will try to shift some fishes to another tank. I am also planning to get a bigger tank like Lucy suggested.

    With regards to the water changes, I am pretty confused. I see some people saying that water shouldnt be changed less than a month as the fishes do not like frequent environment changes due to new water (although done for half tank capacity). Meenu, I understand that you are suggesting frequent water changes so as to keep the tank clean. But isnt water changes every week very often? If I am introducing some medicine, say anti ich, should the water be changed every three days or so? Is it okay to introduce multiple medicines at the same time?

    Meenu, I am in Hyderabad. I got some contacts of good aquarists. Will try to check with them for the test kit. Will check out the link you have given as well. Thanks for the wish. Wish you too a very happy new year!!
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2009
  9. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    you need the water changes everyday to save the fish from ammonia/nitrite poisoning.not all of it but about 30% or so....and lucy gave great instructions for the ich...dont use meds unless you have will just stress the fish more....
  10. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't know about medications, I don't use them in my tank.

    Sometimes, getting your tank cycled and also on a routine, weekly maintainence schedule can help prevent disease.

    I see you are already aware of the nitrogen cycle. Ammonia and nitrites in your tank in any amount can harm, stress, or kill your fish. Stress can cause disease like ich. If your tank is cycled, it has a bacteria colony in the gravel and filter that is big enough to eat the ammonia and nitrites and convert those to nitrate. Nitrate in small amounts is okay, but when it builds up, even it is harmful for the fish.

    Weekly water changes, even small ones, help prevent buildup of nitrates. It also replenishes the minerals fish need and gives them fresh, oxygenated water. Vacuuming part of the gravel every week removes waste, which produces excess ammonia.

    You are right, frequent changes in the water parameters can be stressful to the fish. That's why you don't want to change all the water out at once. You should also try to get the water close to the temperature already in the tank, as that is less stressful for the fish, too.

    I think you will be better off cleaning the tank every week or two, smaller changes, than cleaning a large amount once a month.

    Can you tell me where you are reading that once a month is good? I haven't come across that information - just wondering if there are websites that recommend that, or if it is the aquarist at the store you bought your fish from.
  11. OP

    sun82 Valued Member Member

    Yes, it was the aquarist who told me on changing water every month. Thanks for all your comments... it is very useful... :)
  12. OP

    sun82 Valued Member Member

    Finally, I got a fix for the overstocking :)

    The angels are separated in another 30g tank... which I recently bought and cycled. And I am able to see the difference. Earlier, there were lot of wars going on... the severums behaved like terrorists :D ... sudden attacks, bullying, etc. Now, that the angels are moved... these guys have got a "lot" of space... they now swim properly... no bullies... nice to see... n Thanks so much Lucy for ur suggestion! Every time I see fights, chases, etc.... i become restless... now that they are all getting together well, it has become a real "feel good" factor :) ! The angels are also happy... swimming around actively.

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