HELP!! Filter won't turn on!

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Leen, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. LeenNew MemberMember

    I have an aquaclear 30 filter and i just unplugged it to do a water change. Now when i plug it back in it won't turn on. any advice? i took apart everything to make sure it wasn't clogged and it still won't turn on. Please help, i have no clue what to do.

  2. callichmaWell Known MemberMember

    Did you prime it by filling it with tank water?

  3. LeenNew MemberMember

    yes i did fill it with water. after fiddling with it for a bit it finally went on. This happened last time but didn't take as long to go on. I'm just worried this might be a problem everytime i unplug it. i'm not sure if this means theres something faulty with the filter motor itself.
  4. callichmaWell Known MemberMember

    Glad you got it working.
  5. patzeeValued MemberMember

    This is a problem with the smaller aquaclear. You just have to start the magnet spinning again by sticking something like a straw down to it and giving it a turn. It should start up right away.
  6. LeenNew MemberMember

    where is the magnet located? is it under the grey piece that covers the propeller? and should i do this after i plug it in?
  7. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning Leen,

    Have you taken the Impeller out of the filter to clean it? Sometimes it will get covered with a thin slime that will prevent the impeller from starting. Be sure to clean the well that houses the impeller too. This is where the magnet is.

    Before I return the impeller to the housing I coat it with Nova Aqua (adds slime coating to fish).

  8. Morgan111Well Known MemberMember


    yes just remove the intake, tube plug the filter in (make sure there is a lil water in there), and then reach down to where the bottom of the intake tube is wilt something long and skinny and give it a spin.... should start up and make a lil water tornado

    +1 I clean all of this every three months
  9. LeenNew MemberMember

    Okay i'll give that a try. Does the impeller just slide out? I wasn't sure so i just cleaned around it because i was afraid to break it. I agree that there was a thin slime coat that prevented it from spinning. I had just finished medicating the tank with Ich Attack and it left a thick brown layer on every part of the filter. When I was cleaning, I wasn't sure where most of the good bacteria lives and was afraid if I cleaned too much it would throw my tank into a mini cycle. But if the majority of the bacteria is in the filter media I'll clean the rest of the filter because the brown stain is not attractive at all lol
  10. harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    The impeller slides out, but it can be a little difficult to grab since it's magnetic. Don't worry about breaking it. If you have a small brush that you could use to clean down in the impeller housing, try that as well as cleaning the impeller itself. :)
  11. LeenNew MemberMember

    great thanks for all of the advice. I'll try it next time i clean my tank and hopefully it works.

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