Help! Female Bettas With Clamped Fins

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Valentina544, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    most of my female bettas in my tank have something going on. They almost all seem to have clamped fins and two of them have what looks like white powder on their lips and face, it’s not cottony. They were fine 2 days ago!

    I’ve been treating my water now for 4 days with microbe-lift Artemis for some fin rot on rescues in my tank

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  2. Ruby MetalmuffinNew MemberMember

    Water parameters?
    A picture of their habitat ?
    Food they are eating?
    Tank mates? Plastic or planted,other stock snails, fish, shrimp, substrate.
    Symptoms and duration?
    Tank size?
    Are they living together?
    Equipment being used?
    Chemicals being dosed?

  3. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    I think something bad attacked my tank I had 14 female bettas I managed to find 12, 2 are dead, 6 are dying (almost dead), and 3-4 are doing ok, still in my tank. I separated the sick ones. Some seem to have almost completely gone fins and white powder on their face others just clamped fins. I think they all have the same thing. Here is a pic of all of them
    Water parameters
    Ammonia: .25
    Nitrite: .25
    Nitrate. 40
    Tank mates some gouramis, angelfish, danios, tetras, snails, plecos. They all seem to be fine except for my bettas :(

    These are the dead ones. They look normal, like nothings wrong

    She looks normal except her tail is completely gone. It’s frayed to the point where it’s useless (note they were all fine 100% 2 days ago)

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  4. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    This one has discoloration all over. She’s supposed to be all blue. All the spots of color you see are currently gray on her and flaking off

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  5. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    This is what the rest have the white looking powder on their face and mouth. Some on their tails

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  6. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    Head to walmart, grab some fungus guard/clear, get online and order you some kanaplex or similar medicine (if you cannot get it from a local pet store), treat the tank/bucket with both medications for full duration. If you can get the fungus guard/clear first use it, then get kanaplex/furan 2 or similar med and dose.
    Drop the temp a couple degrees, and keep an eye on the fish, separate them with dividers if you can.
  7. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    I have some medication here. I have some small doses of fungus cure, I have mela and Pima fix, marine land ick remedy that says it treats fungal infections and levamisole.

    I took out all the betas that seemed affected, there are 3 left in my actual tank. The rest are in a 5 gal bucket with aquarium salt in it right now
  8. Ruby MetalmuffinNew MemberMember

    I agree and would also recommend kanaplex follow the instructions lfs should have it in stock too lower the temperature in the quarantine tank as suggested keep water levels low and flow low to reduce stress. If you have no symptoms I would also check all your equipment .... stray voltage from heaters are a killer too :( poor little buggers ai hope you can save some hun I am sorry.
  9. FiscCyningWell Known MemberMember

    Before dosing with meds, do a 50% water change. You want to try to get those ammonia and nitrite levels down because that’s just going to stress your fish even further and make it harder for their bodies to fight off whatever is attacking them.
  10. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    The levels won’t go down with a water change. Long story short but I’ve been battling mini cycles and recycling my tank. These numbers are basically 0 to them right now.

    What would stray voltage look like in fish? What does that do? It’s ONLY my betas from what I can see all my other fish look ok. I think it’s columnaris and if it is I feel like all my fish are going to get it :(
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  11. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    The fish do not get shocked unless grounded, since you have had your hands in the tank and are fine your heater is not sending out electricity. (Electricity and water is much stronger.)
    What are your source water parameters?
  12. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    Ph: 7.6

    pH high range: 8.2

    Ammonia: 1ppm

    Nitrite: 0ppm

    Nitrate: 0ppm
  13. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    4 more dead ones this morning
  14. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    What’s going on :(
    Are the rest of my fish going to get it too?

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  15. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    Just got home and found 2 more dead ones.
    I have 2 that are almost dead and then 2 more that have clamped fins but are still acting normal.
  16. McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    You need to get that ammonia down, it is killing them faster than anything else.
  17. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    My ammonia right now is .25ppm
    It’s not affecting them because it’s neutralized. I’ve been dosing safe every day since I couldn’t control my cycle
  18. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    stop doing, just do more water changes please
    ammonia is only neutralized for a small period of time... it doesn't go away
    you also might want to look into not putting bettas with angelfish
  19. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    I can’t just do more water changes when my tank is cycling. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t affect my ammonia. Also. I can on here to ask for help to figure out what’s wrong with my bettas not to be scolded on whom I keep in my tank, and just so you know there is nothing wrong with that they keep to the bottom on my tank, my angels keep to the top of my tank. They ALL grew up together and not once have gone after each other. My ammonia or stock is the issue here. There is something more happening and it’s killing a tank I’ve worked extremely hard to keep.
  20. Valentina544Valued MemberMember

    Found a sickly betta and took pictures of her before she dies. This is what all my dead bettas looked like before they died

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