Help. Don't know fish and it looks like its dying!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by natred106, Dec 1, 2012.

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    IMG_0690[1].JPG Ok. I'm tank sitting adn I cleaned out the tank last night and this morning one of the fish was upside down. Here's a picture of the fish. IMG_0697[1].JPG

    I cleaned out the tank and put the fish in a small container for about 45 minutes while I cleaned the tank. Then filled the tank with water and put the algae remover in and food. The algae romover is a form of conditioner for the tank and I added a water conditioner too to make sure it was ok. Waited about 30 minutes before putting the fish in. When they went in they looked ok. I watched them for another 30 minutes to make sure they were ok, and then this morning like I said, this on is like this.
    Later on I went in, after I left freaking out, and then two tetra died and a silvery black one. IMG_0692[1].JPG they have three of those silvery black ones, two of the big silver orange black spottd ones, and three tetras. But now they will have two silvery black ones, one big one, and one tetra. Help me! Should I take the fish out? keep them in? Buy new fish? I don't even know the names of the fish!! PLEASE HELP!
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    Quick question how did you clean he tank?
  3. Terra

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    Did the water you put back in match the temperature of the water it did have?
  4. OP

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    With hot water in a bath tub. No soap added. just scrubbed manually with a tank scrubber. This is what the tank looked like before it was cleaned. IMG_0676[1].JPG

    yes same temperature
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    Aglae removering chemicals have been know for killing fish. I would never recommend using one, and I suspect that may be what caused this.
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    Good morning,

    So sorry for your fish loss. I know it isn't easy.

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    At this point, I would also have to blame the Algae removing product that has been added. Not only will these chemicals remove algae, they may also remove your fish. Sad but true. Without knowing your readings for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH, I can't say exactly what the issue is.

    The fish, to me, appears to be a Pacu. If so, these fish can grow larger than 26"s and are much too large for the home aquarium. Let's get more responses on the ID. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish from Pacu and Silver Dollar, at least for me, unless I see them in person.

    Are you aware of the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle? <----link It's crucial to fish keeping.

  7. Yeoy

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    Over-cleaning can be a bad thing too. And always conditioner to your water BEFORE you add it to to the tank, to ensure even distribution.
  8. eminence9

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    its sad to c them upside down . May g0d bless u the power to bear this fatal loss , peace b with them souls . Rip.
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    i noticed you asked if they should be taken out, leaving them in can cause a serious build up in ammonia which will continue to kill the other remaining fish.
  10. psalm18.2

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    Have you told the owners yet? When will they be home?
  11. JDcichlidlover

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    Poor guy. He was just trying to help... that tank was pretty groady. it'll be ok natred. You just didn't know. They shouldn't have had pacu in that tiny of a tank anyways. and they shouldn't have had the tank that nasty.
    You killed off all the bacteria that eats the fishes wastes when you completely cleaned the tank. And the fish have been in a dirty tank for so long you shocked them. I would offer to restock the tank when they get back. The tank is probably going through a cycle again right now since you just killed off all the good bacteria. Again its ok... you're not a fish person, you didn't know. And your friends aren't either it seems or their fish wouldn't have been in that nasty tank.