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I need some help with determining what is going on with my pearlscale pair. First, tank is a 30 gallon, I have a pair three month old pearlscales in it, a cannister filter, a sponge filter, substrate and live plants. I did a fish less cycle so tank parameters have held at 0/0/5-10, pH 7.4-7.6.

Both fish are suffering from something and manifesting very different symptoms.

Tweedle Dee: aggressive finnrot. Bulging eyes. Eating and acting completely normal- no signs of stress. Slight nipping at Tweedle Dum during feeding time.

Tweedle Dum: only external signs are slight red pinprick like stippling on stomach- blood vessels visible through white skin. Behavior is odd- been hanging at the surface in a corner for 5 days. Just sits there, bobbing like a cork. Swims down occasionally just for the heck of it- also swims down to eat.

1 week ago I saw a scale and some skin hanging off of Tweedle Dum. Applied topical iodine- abrasion disappeared in 1 day. His eyes were a bit bulgy for a little bit but have returned to their original size.

A few weeks ago, when fin rot was getting bad, I completed a course of Kanaples/Metroplex. Temporarily stopped rapid fin deterioration on Tweedle Dee, after treatment completed, finrot progressed. Waited a few days then started Maracyn 2 treatment. Again, temporarily worked on finnrot, at the end of course of treatment it picked up again.

Now I am considering Furan 2 or Sulfate 3. Thoughts?

Fasted them for 3 days in case Tweedle Dum was constipated. No change.

Had a detritus worm breakout 1 month ago. I realize this means their tank was dirty. Water parameters still stayed in ideal range, but i have been siphoning daily to remove them. The Tweedles enioy eating them. Could this be part of the problem?

Water has been kept pristine for at least 3 weeks since the worm outbreak. However the ailments have not improved.

Food pellets were always soaked first, but I switched to Repashy two weeks ago and that seems to be better for them.

Your thoughts are very much appreciated on what could possibly be wrong, and suggested treatment.

Image 1: Tweedle Dum diving from his new spot at top of tank, facing in the corner

Image 2: Tweedle Dum with visible red pinprick like spots on his tum

Image 3: Tweedle Dee having seen better days, showing his bulging eyes

Image 4: Tweedles together, Tweedle Dee finnrot. Dorsal fin almost gone. It is much worse now, tail is in tatters.
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