Help diagnose my creamsicle molly

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    I had two dalmation mollies die yesterday. My ammonia/nitrites/nitrate numbers were good, but it was time to do a water change to manage the nitrates anyways. They started out by resting on the bottom, listless, then slowly deteriorated until death.

    My creamsicle molly is starting to rest on the bottom. He did respond to food today and ate. I noticed he has some white growth on his tail. I didn't notice this on the dalmations, but maybe I missed it because of the coloration of the fish.


    What does my fish have, and how do I fix it??
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    Bumping this up for you
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    It looks like a fungal infection, which is usually caused by poor water quality, leading to a weakened immune system and slime coat, and allowing for infection to spread through an entry point.

    A closer picture would allow me to confirm, but for now, there are 3 medications that I can recommend that you get: API fungal cure, Seachem's kanaplex, and metroplex. Fungal cure is commonly found in chain pet stores and independently owned stores, so if you don't want to wait on shipping, you can go there.

    I'd recommend using the fungal cure first. Follow the recommended dosing. If you want, you can stack Melafix with the fungal cure to act as a 'pick me up'. I did that with my own tank without any negative side effects. Just don't use it if you have anabantoids in the same space.

    You can treat the whole tank, but it'll stain your tank water and silicone/soft plastics green. It'd be better to use of hospital tank, if you have one. You can try dropping the temperature in the tank by a few degrees to slow the growth of the fungus.