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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by NinyaCap, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    I've had my tank setup for almost a year now it's a 36 gallon and have lost very few fish within it since my purchase as I did cycle my tank before hand with ammonia. Up until recently that is, my zebra danios began getting dropsy one by one for no reasoning I could see- ones stomach did appear red at one point. They did not all die at once it was in the course of 2-4 weeks in which I couldn't figure anything was wrong, 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 20ish nitrate. I never saw any indication of parasites or disease other than the symptom of dropsy. About a week or two later my corydoras began to randomly die, they were fine one hour and the next time I'd see them they'd be dead. This happened much more slowly and spread out. I tried to find an answer and I settled on 78-79 may have been too warm for them and greatly shortened their lifespan. (They were Pandas and I was ignorant of their cool temp requirements until then, still feel bad) End of backstory: Two nights ago- it had been awhile without losses everyone was eating per usual. Next afternoon 1 of 2 of my angels was acting odd, he's normally very curious of me and swims up looking for food, he was not. He'd been resting against the glass, side fins not moving, and breathing hard, upon closer inspection his abdomen looked slightly swollen. He didn't eat. I never noticed anything wrong before this point. He was always angled up toward the surface. This immediately made me want to check for ammonia and nitrite but both came out as 0 which made sense with everyone else being fine in the tank. (Gourami, Two Platies, Other Angel) I assumed he had a bad parasite either gill flukes or worms so I did a 50% water change and started him on General Cure. Within that hour he had died. I fed bloodworms that night shortly after and everyone had their usual appetites. This morning the other angel seemed lethargic and hovered in the same spot angled toward surface and wasn't interested in food. I came home from school (only about 4 hours) and his condition had worsened he was now breathing heavily, a swelling abdomen, and difficulty swimming it seemed, like trouble staying upright. (The other had this as well) I feel he may already be too far gone seeing how quickly it has progressed. These two were like dogs to me. Please help me identify this disease as I personally cannot find one definite. It sounds like Angelfish AIDS but I've not introduced any discus or angels since my startup. I need to protect the other fish in this tank and fear they are at risk as well. Thank you for reading.

    I do 20-40% water changes weekly and use API Liquids to test.

  2. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    Where are you buying these fish from?

  3. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    I've purchased everything from my LFS "Reef to Rift" with exception to the two platies. They've been amazing, all their fish come to me healthy.

    Update: the other angelfish has just passed. First symptom was this morning. I've never seen something onset so quickly. :(

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  4. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    Pictures really helps. And one of the entire tank would help. Something got into your tank sounds often do you feed blood worms and what brand?
  5. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    The danios and cories had been in my system for several months, 4-5 months under a year I'd say. Angelfish been in for practically a year. Image of one that has just passed is linked. Live photo was a few months ago (screenshotted video). Tank photos taken just now. My main concern is what happened to these angelfish?? First symptom shown and then dead under 12 hours later? I'm concerned it could be passed to the others.

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  6. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    How often to do you feed blood worms? What do you feed them...could be something your putting into this tank that is clearly effecting other fish. I'll play detective and help you :)
  7. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    I feed bloodworms once a week after cleanings, sometimes ill feed it twice a week, one ocean nutrition algae wafers once or twice a week (surprisingly most of the fish enjoy nibbling off them) and TetraMin flakes as the staple, looking into getting a better brand though even though they all go crazy for it. The bloodworms are frozen and I thaw them in tank water. I recently switched from Prime to an API brand dechlorinator, just adding a possible piece to the puzzle. I just ran out and have been using it until I buy more Prime. By the way, I appreciate your time so so much, thank you.
  8. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    I would stick to using the prime. I use the API stress coat once and a while. My tiger barbs colors shine when I do. :).

    I've heard and read that blood worms can contain some paristies causing all these fish loss. I had issues with guppies last year with freeze dried omega one blood worms. Food got spoiled and showed :(. But we learn!
  9. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    Hm, interesting. Would the parasites still be alive even if frozen and sealed?? I'll have to look into that.. eek! Definitely gonna stick with Prime many more added benefits and a good reputation. So you think this could be dietary?? I just don't understand what could've happened to wipe out a healthy angelfish in 12 hours and then another. :confused: To side with caution I'm gonna stray away from bloodworms for awhile.
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  10. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    If your test show 0 0 10-20 then my only other guess is what is being put into the tank. It's my only guess given the information your telling me. The food source is killing them. Problem is I'm not an expert on what specific problem is doing this.

    As of now who is alive ?
  11. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    The gourami and two platies- still acting as healthy as ever, gourami still has huge attitude at his reflection lol. I'll buy a new food just in case it spoiled or something- no more bloodworms for them. After some reading i'm wondering if this package had some hexamita in it (I just bought a new package of BWs) Apparently it is speculated. It would explain why the other fish seem to be fine as it occurs mainly for cichlids. I do believe the corys died due to the temperature. Very interesting, it would make sense- rapid internal organ shut down?? The angels ate them like crazy if the bws were infected there would be a lot in their system. I think this is as good a conclusion as we're gonna get. Thank you so much- may have just helped me avoid future disasters. I'll update you on any changes:)
  12. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    It's my only guess as well. I'm pretty sure the Cory's died from the same paristies in the food.

    I've been using a freshwater mix frozen pack from San Francisco bay brand. No issues with my tiger barbs. I feed them once a week.

    Now that bad news and need to pay a attention to. Not sure if problem has left the tank or not. So hopefully it left with the dead fish and is not multiplying in your tank.
  13. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    The general cure dose should've cleared it out, do you think I should follow through with the second dose as instructed to be sure? I was using San Francisco Bay BW's since my startup of tank. Never had problems until I purchased a new pack. Very interesting. Definitely gonna wait a while before adding more fish. Miss my two angels.
  14. FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    When you use APIGC it recommends that you do multiple treatments. Once treatment isn't going to do much. It will only get the parasites attention and it kind of dares you to continue it. If you had a runny nose and you took meds, you would take multiple treatments to make sure that runny nose stops, right?

    You will need to treat it at least another two more times until the affect fish is good.

    I used to feed my fish frozen foods, but when my JD suddenly had a parasite I thought that perhaps that the frozen stuff might have brought it in and made the JD weaker. I treated the JD over two weeks, which is about 4-5 treatments and finally was pooping brown.
  15. NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    Alright, I'll keep dosing just in case some is lingering in my system. Thank you. All my fish are currently pooping brown and show no symptoms THANKFULLY

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