Help! Dark Belly On Shrimp?


I am quite concerned with my couple years old bamboo shrimp.
Always been healthy and all.
Over the past few days I have noticed that it has a brown underbelly (never happened before).
It is constantly touching it and waving its little feet about.
Does not look like eggs. It looks like it’s sectioned and attached to the leg parts.

Please have a look at the photos I have attached as i’m very worried.

I apologise for the very untechnical language And thank you in advance.

Here are some photos


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I have had a look at the photo, it looks very nice. I'm sorry I don't know anything about bamboo shrimp. The shrimp is really cool too.


Look at this thread. It may be pregnant.


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They breed the same as neo shrimp so a male is required do you have a male in the tank or another bamboo, they do look like eggs but will come to nothing as the eggs need brackish water to hatch this makes them so difficult to breed

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