Help, Damsel Problem

  1. mkinn Initiate Member

    Okay, so it's not such a big problem. But I am tearing down my Saltwater tank to move it about 6 feet away from the heater vent. It's not posing a huge problem but want to move it before it does. I'm selling my 55 gallon fresh water and this tank is going to go where the freshwater one is at.
    I have 120 gallon saltwater with 90 pounds of live rock and 100 pds of crushed coral. my stocklist is:
    Blue Velvet Damsel
    4 Stripe Damsel
    Domino Damsel
    Scooter Blenny
    2 peppermint shrimp
    dozen snails
    dozen hermits
    chocolate chip star fish
    While i have the rock out for moving the tank, i want to take the damsels out and take back to the LFS. Do you recommend getting rid of all of them or one or two? I want to add more fish but not aggresive fish.
  2. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    Make sure you remove everything before move. My brother-in-law tried and the bottom fell out.
  3. mkinn Initiate Member

    yeah i know, i got to take out all the crushed coral too, i figured i'll invest about 12 hours of time in this lol.
  4. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    all of your damsels are aggressive, i would make a wish list of what you want to stock and then see what goes together. there are several angelfish, clowns, tangs that could go in your tank, what kind of fish are you thinking of getting
  5. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    He's doing a saltwater tank.;)
    I wish I could take a damsel, love them. Someday?
  6. mkinn Initiate Member

    well i would like to add clownfish, tangs, maybe some chromis, would like to use this tank to it's full potential without getting into corals. I'm at a good start but tank seems a lil bare, can't seem to add anything else with the damsels as they were introduced first. which damsel would be best to keep if adding tangs and such?
  7. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    i would definitly get rid of the domino, how aggressive are the other 2, a marroon clown pair would be nice, and i really like the flame angels, and lionfish
  8. mkinn Initiate Member

    the other two don't seem to be to aggresive except that they are starting to back themselves into my scooter blenny. i think i only wanna keep the 4 stripe. and get rid of the other two.
  9. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    i have a scooter blenny and absolutely love him, dont get the lionfish if you have a scooter, the clown pair, an angelfish ( smaller size: coral beauty, flame angel, bicolor) and a tang would work,
  10. mkinn Initiate Member

    thanks for your input kloseo, i like the coral beauty, not so much the bicolor. but def opened my eyes to a few possabilities. Anyone else have suggestions to fish i can keep with my damsels?