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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Amzwiz87, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Amzwiz87

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    Please help me. I just moved two figure 8 puffers into a new 50 gallon tank with 4 ghost shrimp and 10 snails for them to chase. I just bought a master test kit for the cycling process because my strips are too vague. This a brackish tank (SG currently 1.004)They were moved into the tank last night at 8pm so they have been in there less than 48 hours. The tank had been running fishless for 5 days prior to their introduction. Other than the snails and shrimp (not all were eaten) I had given them 1 cube of frozen shrimp this morning. I feel my results just don't make sense. pH 8.0Ammonia 4.0Nitrite 0Nitrate 5.0 (This is the one that confused me)I expected the ammonia to be high, but how can there be nitrates with no nitrites? Perhaps I am not grasping the process? Maybe its the fact that I need sleep and my brain is not functioning?Anyway I went ahead and did a 25% WC tonight. That is all I do right? To remove the ammonia while it spikes until my bio filter is established? I really have grown attached to my lil guys and want their transition to go smoothly. It was so much less worry when I cycled their previous tank fishless, but I didn't have that option due to moving. :(
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    Hello, I would test your water source so you receive a baseline of PH, ammo, nitrite and nitrate levels in the case your tap water contains any. I would do a series of large water changes to lower the ammonia level to .25PPM. Remember that there are two different types of bacteria colonies which need to establish, nitrosomona bacteria oxidize ammonia into nitrite, nitrobacter oxydizes nitrite into nitrate. nitrobacter take the longest to establish. I would suggest using a starter bacteria additive such as Tetra Safe Start.

    Here are a few beginner topics to get you started:

    Also, ive moved your thread to the aquarium nitrogen cycle section of the forum.

    Best of luck!
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    Agreed to the above.

    4ppm sounds really high for only 48 hours in a tank, though I know little about the size/biooad of your fish. Still, I would really recommend testing the source water.

    Also agreed - you'll need more water changes than the 25%. Whatever it takes to get ammonia down to .25ppm and maybe also conditioner that binds ammonia like Prime or Amquel Plus.

    Tetra SafeStart is an excellent product that will cycle that tank in around 14 days with minimal stress on the fish. If you do get it, please post back here for some advice on how to properly apply it. It's a fickle product and the steps are not listed on the bottle. So come on back here, or do a search,and we'll give you the steps when you're ready.
  4. OP

    Amzwiz87Valued MemberMember

    Thanks guys! I'll keep u updated!

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    I would test again and make sure to really shake your NITRITE test tube well and vigorously for more than just few seconds.

    I had the same thing happen to me - no nitrites forever - but had nitrates. Figured maybe I was just missing them for whatever reason. Then... I took some more time and oh boy. I had nitrites - just human error

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