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Help! Cloudy With High Ammonia!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Danielle1, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Danielle1New MemberMember

    We went away for the weekend, and on Friday morning when we left all levels were perfect. Ammonia was a lil high at just under .25ppm. We came home today and we could barely see the fish in the tank!! The ammonia was between 4-5!! We did a 50% water change and the fish are still ok....but we are lost as to what happened and what do we do next??!! Please help! I posted a picture as well.

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  2. SarahBear1009Valued MemberMember

    Do you know why your ammonia was at .25 before you left???

  3. NC122606Valued MemberMember

    1. is your filter broke???

    2. Is there any fish deaths

    3. How much do you feed them and when you do is it enough for them to eat in 3-5 minutes? Make sure to remove leftovers.

    4. is your gravel clean or have poop in it?

  4. QueenLittleLizardValued MemberMember

    Get a gravel vacuum. Also, daily water changes, and move the fish to another tank if you can.

  5. SkavatarWell Known MemberMember

    did yall use any kind of automatic feeder while you were gone?

    did anyone "help" feed the fish when yall were gone?
  6. Danielle1New MemberMember

    filter is working, no one came to feed them, we never feed them more than we should, the gravel was vacuumed before we left, and no fish deaths as of yet....

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  7. QueenLittleLizardValued MemberMember

    Have you seen your fish eating all the food, or just put a small amount in and left?

    I had a problem with high ammonia recently, and my fish stopped eating.
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  8. NC122606Valued MemberMember

    It may not help but check for any gunk under your decorations and clean that off.
  9. AngryRainbowValued MemberMember

    Also check in the gravel for any rotting material. I had a tanks parameters start acting up until I went through the gravel and found a nasty hunk of rotting plant I missed cleaning for a while
  10. SkavatarWell Known MemberMember

    within 48 hrs your ammonia jumped from .25 to 5ppm.

    did you account for all your fish? a dead fish could cause an ammonia spike.

    did you do anything to the filter before leaving? or a water change and forgot the dechlorinator?

    for now treat it as a crashed cycle. test daily, use 5x Prime to detox, and do water changes to keep ammonia below 1ppm.
  11. Danielle1New MemberMember

    The only thing I could think that possibly could have happened was a possible power outage while we were gone. There were some nasty storms....
  12. IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    Maybe I missed it, but how long has the tank been up and running?
  13. Morpheus1967Well Known MemberMember

    And is that a 29 gallon? How many fish? That's quite a large jump (over 400%) in a short amount of time.
  14. toosieFishlore VIPMember

    What's the pH?
  15. Danielle1New MemberMember

    It’s 55 gallon


    A month and a half
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  16. ElkwatcherValued MemberMember

    Perhaps you haven't attained a real finished cycle yet...too many fish too early for the bioload?
  17. JenCWell Known MemberMember

    At that low pH the ammonia is nontoxic, which is why the fish are fine. You're lucky because it would be a dire situation in a higher pH. I'd still change water to lower it.

    If no fish died/went missing and no one fed the tank while you were away then something else changed. You say the tank's been running six weeks. What has changed recently - stocking, maintenance routine, changing/throwing away filter media?

  18. jrodriguez260New MemberMember

    How long has this fish tank been set up?
  19. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    I'm having a similar problem. 2 weeks ago I experienced an ammonia spike and my nitrites and nitrates are higher. 2 days ago I woke up to a cloudy bacteria bloom. I've done water changes, cleaned my canister filter and media, etc. My fish are all doing fine, but some of them had been hanging up at the top of the water at the beginning of the spike. I wish I could help, but I thought I'd share that I'm having the same problem. Good luck.
  20. jrodriguez260New MemberMember

    Water changes are sufficient during a cycle. If you clean out you filter then you’ll kill off th bacteria and have to start over again ):