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Discussion in 'Cloudy Aquarium Water' started by narcissus80, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. narcissus80

    narcissus80New MemberMember

    I just notice the other day that my 10gl tank just got really cloudy. I just did a 20% water change and added the fake plants in the tank. I did change the filter cartridge last night. What else can i do to get rid of the cloudiness in the water. 85da6ae9eb905349c5f44e6dbb4c8eff.jpg i know i still have the angelfish and the goldfish in the tank.
  2. Demeter

    DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    First of all, you need to read up on the Nitrogen cycle. You are probably going through a bacterial bloom and changing the filter cartridge likely only worsened the problem. You removed the majority of you beneficial bacteria, meaning the fish waste isn't getting broken down into less harmful substances.

    Second, a 10gal is about 20gals too small for an angel fish. A goldfish shouldn't be with an angel fish nor in a 10gal at all. Goldfish are gold water species while angels are tropical.
  3. OP

    narcissus80New MemberMember

    I know about the wrong tank for those fish. Anyway havent fed them in a few days and the filter cartridge was black when i took it out.
  4. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    It's probably black due to the high bio load from the gold fish. Removing the filter and replacing it will cause your tank to go through a bacteria bloom, basically you reset the tank and now the bb has to re-establish itself. It could be a few days or a few weeks but the fish will be in risk because there's a chance that the ammonia won't convert fast enough to be safe.

    What you should do is wash the filter under old tank water and swish it around, use your hands to get the grim off. Rarely you need to change the cartridge unless you really have to, the cartridge has to be really decomposing for it to call for replacement.

    Keep track of the fish and if they look stress you might benefit with a small water change until your tank is re-established.

    As for the fish, there is no need to mention about that as it's already previously mentioned.
  5. Demeter

    DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    You should always just rinse the cartridge off in old tank water during a water change. I only replace cartridges when they are literally falling apart. Do more water changes at least 50% and see if that helps. The cloudiness from bacterial blooms usually needs to work itself out. I'd be doing daily or every other day 50% water changes till things settle back down. Please resolve the tank size issue soon, for the fish's sake at least.
  6. finnipper59

    finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    From now on, do your partial water romoval 1st and use the old tank water to vigorously shake and squeeze the cartridge in to remove excess dirt so the water can flow through it again and replace the same cartridge. It will still contain enough beneficial bacteria needed to get rid of toxins like ammonia. Go online and Google Freshwater Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle. This is very important.

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