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Grace Howard

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Recently I found that two of my guppies have camallanus worms. I immediately removed them from the 29 gallon tank they were in and put them in their own 5 gallon... As for the rest of the fish in my 29 - I’m not sure what to do, recently I had set up a 40 gallon tank for different fish that I had planned on purchasing but since this situation arose I was thinking maybe I should take my fish out of the 29 and move them to the 40? I read that if I could visibly see the camallanus worms it most likely meant there were larvae in my tank. I bought anti parasite medicine already and began treatment but I’m just looking for my best option. All my other fish are acting normally, pooping normally, and eating normally. Please help!!


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I recently had this same experience. I didn't catch it early enough or have the medication available to me in order to treat it until I only had 2 left.

As Skavatar said you will need to treat the entire tank, seperating them wont do much as they have likely already reproduced. Some fish can have them for weeks without actually showing symptoms too. The best and most effective way to treat it is with levamisole and by following the link in the above reply. If you have snails or sensitive fish and are nervous about dosing 5ppm you can lower it to 2ppm- that is how I treated mine. You'll want to treat the tank at least twice.
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