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Hey guys I was just looking for a few tips and/or tricks when it comes to breeding bettas. I've kept bettas for some time now and decided to try and breed about a month ago.

The big issue is I cannot get my male to build a nest. For the most part, they are kept without seeing one another. Every now and then I will introduce them but they both show no signs of interest (vertical stripes, bowing, bubble nest, etc). I have filtration on the female but not the male, so I do not disturb a nest if he were to make one. The male has an amazon sword leaf as an anchor for a potential nest. Both tanks are between 80-82° F. They are eating mostly freeze-dried bloodworms, occasionally brine shrimp.

Maybe one month isn't long enough? Can they just simply not be interested in each other? It's possible maybe the male is too old, I'm not sure of his age. Is there any way to tell a bettas age?

Hopefully someone here can give me a few pointers and lead me in the right direction! Thanks!


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Before breeding bettas, you must be prepared for the fry as they will only eat live foods. Microworms and infusoira are good and relatively easy live foods to culture. Do not try spawning bettas if you cannot feed the fry. Also, you will need plenty of new homes for the fry and be prepared to cull any deformed and runty fry that will not sell.

You should get better foods for the pair, frozen blood worms are rubbish IMO. Frozen cubes of brine shrimp and blood worms are far better, freeze dried foods take away nutrients and can cause digestive issues and bloating.

As for the pair not being interested, I suggest you try putting a divider in a 10gal tank, filtration on the side with the female. The male should be able to see the female at all times before breeding and this will get him to make a bubble nest. When the nest is built and the female is trying to get to his side, remove the divider and turn of the filter (or set the filter to low if it's a sponge filter). If the pair is ready to breed this shouldn't take more than a few days.
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