Help Bloated Fish Not Swimming Well

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    What is the water volume of the tank?20 gallon
    How long has the tank been running? 1 year
    Does it have a filter? Yes
    Does it have a heater? Yes
    What is the water temperature? 74
    What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 3 black neon tetras, 4 zebra danios, 1 BN pleco, 2 snails

    How often do you change the water? Every week
    How much of the water do you change? 25%
    What do you use to treat your water? Seachem prime and api bacteria supplement
    Do you vacuum the substrate or just the water? Substrate

    *Parameters - Very Important
    Did you cycle your tank before adding fish? Yes but I just recycled it due to it being messed up
    What do you use to test the water? Strips but I have api masterkit
    What are your parameters? We need to know the exact numbers, not just “fine” or “safe”.


    How often do you feed your fish? Once a day
    How much do you feed your fish? I feed them a tiny amount less then a pinchful they eat it in seconds
    What brand of food do you feed your fish? Hikari pellets, topfin flakes
    Do you feed frozen or freeze-dried foods? No

    Illness & Symptoms
    How long have you had this fish? I’ve had one 3 years and one 6 months
    How long ago did you first notice these symptoms? A month for my neon Tetra kinda forever on and off for my danio
    In a few words, can you explain the symptoms? Bloatedness for both swimming with tail up for the danio
    Have you started any treatment for the illness?no
    Was your fish physically ill or injured upon purchase?I don’t think so
    How has its behavior and appearance changed, if at all? Bloatedness for the tetra the danio has been bloated for as long as I can remember. The tetra is hiding in the back a little more. The danio swimming with tail up and at the very top. He also runs into walls sometimes and twists around to get himself not facing the wall.

    Explain your emergency situation in detail. (Please give a clear explanation of what is going on, include details from the beginning of the illness leading up to now) My tetra started being bloated about a month ago and it isn’t really affected it’s swimming. The danio has been getting amounts of bloatedness and sometimes has trouble swimming. The weird thing is I feed them barely anything so I’m not sure
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    I forgot here’s pictures

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