Help, Betta Sick!

  1. JWorm Initiate Member

    Hello, Mr. Blue is not doing well. He is 3 years old. The past week or so rests on the bottom or in plant, only darts up for air. He will eat if I can sink a pellet right in front of him. Slightly labored breathing and lays on his side. Yes, fins started fin rot but much worse now since scurrying on the bottom rocks.

    6.2 gallon tank, 80 degree water, 2 moss balls, silk plants, omega pellets. Ammonia 0.25, nitrite 0 nitrate 0.

    Have been doing water changes 25% every other day. Treated with general cure with no improvement.

    He is alert and looking around. Belly appears more swollen than normal. Balance off. Does poop...lighter color and white fuzz on it. Color remains good, aged around head but belly lighter gray now.

    Any advice? Not sure what to do. Is he old or sick? Anything I can do to help him?


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  2. Reeferxbetta Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like a combination of old age, an uncycled tank, and a few illnesses. Your readings with ammonia and no nitrates shows that your tank is likely uncycled. The white fuzzy poop sounds like internal parasites, and his fin rot looks pretty bad, from what I'm seeing it looks like almost all of his fins have been rotted off, and looks like it will progress to body rot soon, the only thing I'm not seeing is discoloration around the fins edges and what looks like a bite mark in the tail, also what are you feeding him and how much? That may be why his stomach looks swollen, but it could also have to do with parasites.
  3. JWorm Initiate Member

    Thank you for the reply. He gets omega pellets, usually 2 or 3 a day. This past week there are days he does not eat.

    Mr. Blue has a rough history with great recovery. Over year and half ago he had fin rot and ammonia burns. He was gray and on hospice. He recovered and was upgraded to larger tank and I got the Ali test kit. His top find never grew back, the bottoms and tail did partially but he seems happy and healthy.

    Just checked water. Ammonia .25, nitrate 20 and nitrite .25. General cure has been used with filter carbon out 5 days.

    No other fish in tank. He has I'd of fin biting :( he still will come to glass and look bright eyed at you. What do you recommend?

    I have triple sulfa, general cure, betta fix, seachum betta conditioner. Should i put filter back in?

    Thanks again!
  4. Reeferxbetta Well Known Member Member

    There shouldn't be any ammonia or nitrite. I would definitely put the filter back in, it will kill the beneficial bacteria if it is not in water and getting oxygen, which will crash your cycle. Your feeding schedule sounds good. For the fin rot I'd do methylene blue baths, and aquarium salt, but there's a lot of ways to cure fin rot, I don't like betta fix, it's main ingredient can supposedly kill labyrinth organ fish, no idea if it really does, but it's not a risk I'd be willing to take. As for the stringy poop, I'd do a quick search and see if you can find anything like what you're seeing, and from there look up how to treat it, or update here and I may be able to help you if it's something I've dealt with. I would give him a shot with the treatments and see how he does, but he is definitely older, considering most bettas are already an adult when purchased (unless he was a baby or came from a breeder). Maybe try to do a small water change, to bring the ammonia and nitrite down a little bit more, I would also pick up some seachem prime conditioner if possible, it works just like any water conditioner, but it also detoxifies small amounts of ammonia and nitrite for 24 hours.
  5. JWorm Initiate Member

    Thank you so much! I will try what you have recommended. I took him from a wedding centerpiece in a vase :( He was full grown.
  6. Evanwd Member Member

    Daily water changes of 25% until your tank cycles. As for the ammonia burns and fin rot I always recommend methylene blue. I’ve always had success with it. Also important to know that your little fella is getting old and that you might want to just do water changes as medications might stress him out.
  7. JWorm Initiate Member

    Mr Blue is still hanging on. Water conditions are perfect. He swims to the top for water but mostly lays on the bottom. I hand feed him. I was able to get this photo of his belly. Can you tell anymore from this photo? Fins are not growing back :( but his color is good.

    Thank you!

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  8. Reeferxbetta Well Known Member Member

    He doesn't look too good. It's hard to tell from the photo, but does he look bloated at all to you? If he's struggling to get to the top of the tank, I'd lower the water level and provide things for him to rest on near the top (like those little leafs that you can suction cup to the tank). What happened to his fins? They're far too short for him to be biting them off, is there something in the tank that could've caused this? (Strong filter). I would be a bit concerned if I didn't see any improvement in the fins, mostly because if it is fin rot, it's extremely advanced fin rot, and if it's gotten that bad and there's no improvement, if it's not treated, it will become body rot. You may not necessarily see fins grow back that quickly, but do you see any bits of transparent tissue on the ends of the fins? This means that they are beginning to heal and grow back.
  9. JWorm Initiate Member

    Thanks for the reply. Fins are def torn and gone, not growing back. I believe this happened bc he likes to lay up against the filter intake, and now he swims around on the bottom rocks which are rougher.

    He does have leaves and plants near the top to lay on. He still wants to eat and is bright blue and bright eyed. Has been treated with general cure, M. Green, and sulfa (over time) and he is the same to slightly improved.

    His belly looks swollen and I don't know what might cause it? He poops.

    Is he just old and can't recover from his illnesses now. Would you recommend something? If lower the water the current is pretty strong and the filter in-game is out of water. ...

    Thanks again for the help
  10. Reeferxbetta Well Known Member Member

    I don't think it's good if he's basically on the filter intake, if that's what you mean, he's probably almost stuck to it because he's too weak to swim away from it, how long has he been doing that for? Have you tried covering the intake with sponge? I don't see how he could be taking off chunks of fins on the gravel, unless it's extremely sharp, but even that would only leave rips, but if they feel really sharp, I'd get rid of the gravel. Do you see any black edges on his fins? How much are you feeding him, and do you soak his food? I remember in your first post, you mentioned something about fuzzy white poop? If that's still happening, it's likely some type of worm/internal parasite, and you will need to treat it. Did you get him when he was already full grown? If he's just a pet store betta, he's probably over 3 now, so there's a chance that treatment combined with his age may just be too much, but if you don't treat parasites (if that is the issue) that will likely kill him, so it's a tough situation. Does he appear to be struggling a lot just doing normal things (swimming, eating, etc.)?
  11. JWorm Initiate Member

    He seems happy? He swims to see me and still interested in eating. 1 to 3 pellets a day. I soak them and drop down to him he swims up to grab them.

    He isn't on the intake anymore. He used to like hanging out there so I tried to block with tall plants. So now he just rests in plants or on the bottom.

    I thought maybe internal parasite or something but did treat with med for that. Poop is better.

    Last time he had fin rot he recovered quickly with water changes, salt and one round t-cycline. It's just not happening this time. He has been like this now for awhile. No new growth on fins noted.
    Yes, they got him at pet store and hrs about 3.