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Hello Fishlore friends, your time has come. I have just rescued a discounted, drab little crowntail with a severe swim-bladder disorder. He has been heavily overfed, but I am confident that I can rehabilitate him. However, I was unprepared for this event and only have access to two tanks; a 10 gallon and a less than one gallon hospital tank. Should I use the small tank/bowl and change the water daily, or put him in the 10 gallon with partial water changes? Until he is in a more stable state, the tank will be largely void of all decorations. I will add some rocks and a potential hiding space/moss ball along with a heater in the tank I chose. Once he is better, he will be moved to a fully outfitted ten gallon with live plants, a heater and filter, substrate, and natural hiding decor.
Leave him in the one so he can recover with the lower water level, then when he is mostly better, move him to the ten.

That's a great thing you did
Yeah I'd put him in the 1 gallon, and keep the water level lower raising it as he gets stronger and can handle it.

I had a batch of 13 rescues all with sbd and they just couldn't handle water for about 2 weeks.

Sbd in and of itself won't kill them, it just makes life hard for them. But usually they have other issues alongside of it. So keeping the water clean will go a long way.

Be warned once they get it it's easy for it to come back so even after he's healed up be careful with feeding
1gal keep it warm feed him lightly that can mess them up start slow and sparing and then work up to a good appetite give him about 2-3 inches of water to start conditioning the water as you raise it
Betta breathe surface air, so get the shallower aquarium since a betta with swim bladder issuers sometimes cannot get up to the top.
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I did as suggested and put him in the one gallon, with daily water changes. He has improved so much, and his swim bladder appears intirely gone. I'm so surprised that a fish Petco. marked down for half price can be healed so easy in a better environment with some fasting and pea-feeding! In the days since his fins have unclamped and he has some new fin growth! His body has gone from a muddled black purple to a bright purple! I'll post before and after pictures to come! He's moving into a ten gallon this week; thanks all!

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