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Help Asian Waterfern!

  1. B

    Bbfishguy Valued Member Member

    I accidentally bought a Asian waterfern rather than a java fern. Anything really different. Anything I should know. Petstore is far away and don't have time to return it. What to do for fertilizer. Thanks
  2. Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Bolbitis heteroclita - "Asian water fern"

    Bolbitis Heteroclita is a fern that is native to Asia. This plant grows slowly in the aquarium. If obtained in the emersed state, a period of adjustment is needed by submerging the plant gradually by increasing the water level. When new submerged leaves grow, then it is ready to be fully submerged.

    CO2 injection, lower temperature, and a mild current that provides adequate water circulation is ideal for this plant. High temperatures will cause the plant to wither and burn. Bolbitis Heteroclita is more suitable to be planted emersed in paludariums rather than submerged in an aquarium.
  3. A

    A.J New Member Member

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