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  1. iscr7New MemberMember

    I have a.semi aggressive tank The.following are 2bala sharks, 1rainbow shark ,3 silver dollars, 1blood parrot. And none aggressive are 6guppies 3rainbow Fish,and 1goldfish. What ones do i need to remove asap?
  2. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    How big is the tank?
  3. Skysong87Valued MemberMember

    Well I would think the 3 that you listed as non aggressive should be the first ones to move. What size tank is it? (Both gallons and tank dimensions).
  4. iscr7New MemberMember

    55 gallon 48lx12/12wide 21/12 deep
  5. Skysong87Valued MemberMember

    Agggh, if that's the case it makes it a bit harder.

    I would get rid of:
    The Bala sharks (need a school and tank too small)
    The silver dollars (need a school and tank too small)
    The goldfish (is a cold water fish and not compatible with tropical fish)

    That leaves you with the rainbow shark, blood parrot, guppies and Rainbowfish. However if you want to keep the shark and blood parrot you will have to get rid of the guppies and possibly the Rainbowfish (what type of Rainbowfish are they?).
  6. iscr7New MemberMember

    Turqoise rainbow australlian
  7. Skysong87Valued MemberMember

    Ok then I would get rid of the following fish (and in this order if you can't get rid of them at once):

    1. Guppies (are too small and likely to be eaten)
    2. Goldfish
    3. Bala sharks
    4. Silver dollars

    And keep the following:
    1 rainbow shark
    1 blood parrot
    3 turqouise rainbow fish

    However I am not sure if those fish will make the tank overstocked, understocked or just right, you'll have to wait until someone with more experience comes along, sorry.

    Do you have any other tanks that you could put the other fish into?
  8. iscr7New MemberMember

    I.dont best shot will be if.i.take them for donation
  9. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    How many rainbows do you have? Australians and the Turquoise will both be fine. They need at least 6 in school.