help arowana is sick 75 Gallon Tank 

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hi guys my tank just recover from high ammonia levels my fish are all happy again my ph is 7.2 and my ammonia is .00 so happy but my arowana did not looking good it has popeye and has two red streaks on each side of his body it has not ate and is swimming slow and upside down very strange, so i put him in another tank to treat him but i think its too late. What do you think


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Hello Allgrunt,

I have moved your thread to the Freshwater Fish Disease section of the forum to help you to receive more responses. I'm sorry to hear that your fish isn't feeling up to par.

Sadly it sound like your fish may be suffering side effects of ammonia poisoning although I can't say for certain. The red streaks you're seeing leads me to believe the fish may have Hemorrhagic Septicemia. If you'll do a Fish Lore search for Hemorrhagic Septicemia you'll find more information there.

This is the only link that I have on Septicemia and it's dealing with Koi and Goldfish but it does have a suggested treatment that may help. Let's get more responses before you try the treatment mentioned in the link. Sadly I've never had a fish to survive this issue. I'm not certain the treatment for goldies would be the same for your fish. That's why I suggest we get more responses to be on the safe side.

I'm glad that you have your cycle back under control.

Best wishes for your fish and hang on for more responses.

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