HELP:Apple snail baby, happy but sad

  1. rousenoah Initiate Member

    About a week ago I bought a new batch of fish and about 3 days later I noticed an incredibly small Apple snail, I do not have any other snails so I assume it arrived with my new fish,a pleasant suprise
    But this afternoon I noticed that the snail seemed to be 'falling out' of his shell. I noticed that he was missing a part of its shell, it must have somehow tore it on something as had been healthy upon discovery, the shell is still very thin and I am wondering if there is any chance it will grow back???
  2. BonBon Member Member

    It will grow back eventually. I would get some cuttlebone for him and make sure that your filter is not strong enough to suck his body in.
  3. rousenoah Initiate Member

    Thank you