Help! Algae Needed?!

Discussion in 'Algae' started by PatrickShrimp, Apr 18, 2017.

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    haha click bait. Well not really. I wish to do the thing others try to avoid. I wish to enter the land of algae. But why you might ask. Well, to feed my fish of course. I have a tank that will house among other things otocinclus and bamboo shrimp, which both eat different types of algae. Free floating algae for the bamboo shrimp, but what type to grow for the lovely otocinclus? I mean I have algae wafers but I want more options. I know there are veggies but I want something else. So please help...
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    Spirulina is a great source of food!

    Otos like many algaes that are on glass, rocks, and plants

    One way to get algae is get a shallow tub get rocks and put it out in the sun, after a couple of weeks you should have a good enough algae to feed. When you want algae its hard to get :)
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    Al913 suggests something nice, grab a piece of something, if I were you I would use something like a plastic rectangle which is not intrusive and easy to get in and out, and put it in the sun. I dont think you have to wait weeks, I have leaved plastic tubs to hunt for mosquitos in the sun and the water will usually get green in a week or less.
    Make sure it is dechlorinated, I would use the water from your water changes.
    Altough really if I were to keep Ottos I would try to get them to eat zuchini and other vegetables, the last thing you want are finicky eaters, you can feed them algae as their main diet but also veggies and other food every now and then so they readily eat everything.
  5. PatrickShrimpValued MemberMember

    Thanks everyone! I'll put some rocks in a tub when I get all the new Ottos. I will try organic blanched zucchini and will keep on using the algae wafers. Any tips on how to get a green water culture going?
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  7. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Mmm just leave it in the sun lol. Add an airstone if you don't want a mosquito culture altough I would not mind it, the larvae is free live food.
  8. PatrickShrimpValued MemberMember


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