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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Builds' started by Keian, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Hi everybody, quick backstory, I’ve kept quite a few fish for quite some time but only ever freshwater, I’ve been super interested in salt water and would like some help getting started. I would like to get a 10-20 gallon tank going . And I’m not sure exactly what I will need.

    I’ve read and listened to so many conflicting opinions, some people saying they don’t even need filters or protein skimmers or some saying it’s absolutely necessary and some saying just use live rock and a powerful powerhead. I would like to know what’s worked for everyone else and what species of fish and coral...etc; they’ve successfully kept. Keep in mind I’m in a bit of a budget . About 200-250$. Near Calgary too so supplies at LFS are limited.
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    I’d get a HOB skimmer. Rio makes a decent one for this size. Reef octopus has a HOB for about $50. Go with the current USA for lighting. And Jebao off eBay for the powerheads. I’d also do a HOB fuge. Don’t do saltwater without a skimmer and decent light. You could even get a HOB overflow and do a little 10 gallon sump under it. Ten gallons can be cheap to set up if you shop eBay and BRS. You don’t need a fancy sump with dividers. Just get a little filter sock and a skimmer and some rubble rock and chaeto with a cheap $20 aquaponics light off eBay and a $10 WiFi timer socket to turn it off during the day and on at night to help with PH swings when the display tank lights are off at night. I shop very little at the LFS. They want too much markup around here. eBay will be your best friend. Check out the product and stuff on BRS and MarineDepot.com just to get an idea of the equipment you want and price check it on eBay and look at the different brand options that pop up on eBay. I never would have known about the Jebao dc controllable powerheads and return pumps if it weren’t for eBay.

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