Help! Accidentally Put Ammonia Test Solution In 3 Gallon!

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  1. default-fishNew MemberMember

    So ive been having kind of a rough night and i was doing a water change in my 3 gallon bowl. i had just tested the water before the change (no ammonia, yay) so i had the bottles out, unfortunately next to my tap water conditioner. i wasnt paying attention and i grabbed one of the ammonia solution bottles instead of the conditioner bottles (they are shaped exactly the same) and i had put 2 drops in the water when i realized what i had done.

    i immediately did a 95% water change and filled it back up like normal, but with the size of the bowl im worried what will happen. there are no fish in the bowl, however its a NTP (no filter) with java fern, anubias nana, temple and a moss ball. there is also a number of bladder snails that snuck in there on the plants. i use API Ammonia Test Solution, and i had put two drops of test solution 1 (bottle #1) into the water.

    i feel awful about this. what should i do about this predicament?
  2. MooseTanksNew MemberMember

    If you already did a water change then you are fine. 2 drops in 3 gal of water is nothing. Its not concentrated let alone it being a poison. If a poison is diluted enough its no longer deadly. If it was super deadly it wouldn't be sold as many people reuse dirty test tubes with residue left in them all the time. I personally would just do another water change on the bowl and leave it alone after that.
  3. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    maybe do another big water change again

    I think we all have those nights. Don't feel awful
    good point by @MooseTanks