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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Huggz13, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Huggz13New MemberMember

    I'm brand new to fishkeeping and I need help stocking my fully cycled freshwater 40 gallon breeder tank....

    It has pool filter sand substrate, rocks, Malaysian driftwood, and artificial plants (I'll be adding live plants soon) - there are plenty of hiding spots as well as negative space.

    My goal is a vibrant, colorful, peaceful, tropical community with hardy, tolerant fish, that won't grow too large, occupying each water level zone of the tank without making a complete mess of my substrate and uprooting everything.

    I'm not particularly concerned about the safety of any possible fry, as I'm not interested in breeding at this time (although I will probably attempt to remove and isolate any fry that might appear).

    So I need some suggestions regarding species and number of each to stock the entire tank.

    Here is a list of fish that I "like" in no particular order, but feel free to throw any suggestions my way. (Obviously I'm not saying I will attempt to keep all of these together in one tank...just a list of likes).

    Blue Ram
    Blue dwarf gourami
    Boesemani Rainbow
    Lemon tetra
    Bloodfin tetra
    Celestial pearl danio
    White Cloud Mountain minnow
    Rummynose tetra
    Black skirt tetra
    Rosy barb
    Pygmy sunfish
    Lyretail Molly
    Panda Cory

  2. PAND3MICValued MemberMember

    Peacock Gudgeons swim at all levels and are beautiful. German rams too in that sense, but they require a particularly low ph. Peacock Gudgeons are interesting in that they stay around 2 1/2 inches forever, they pair off, and they are very interesting egg layers. They lay them from strings from the roof of their hidey hole like a clownfish. If you ever want to see fry, then cories aren't a good choice. Pretty much all catfish will eat eggs/fry. I would pick a single species and put a group of 4-5 Otos regardless of what yoy pick
  3. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    Celestial Pearl Danios, Panda Corys, WCMM, and Rosy Barbs aren't compatible with a number of your options. With GBR, they are incredibly sensitive. I've purchased probably 10-12 since deciding to stock them probably 4-6 months ago. Out of 10-12, I only have 5 living. They need tanks that have been established for at least 3 months. Boesemani Rainbows need a group of at least 6. DGs can be agressive.
  4. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to fishlore!

    Boesemani rainbows need a 48" minimum

    German blue rams and otos are sensitive and need a very established tank

    How about this
    2 GBR
    8-10 lemon tetras
    8-10 rummynose tetras
    10-12 kuhli loaches or bronze cories

    Keep the temperature at 80f

    2 Bolivian rams (much hardier but still do best in an established tank) or 2 female lyre tail mollies
    1 Dwarf gourami or 2 honey gouramis
    8-10 bloodfin tetras or skirt tetras
    12-14 celestial pearl danios or 8-10 rosy barbs
    12 panda cories

    Keep the temperature at 72-73f
  5. Huggz13New MemberMember

    Thanks for suggestion - what a cool little fish!

    Yes, I've heard that GBR can be somewhat difficult. But my interest was piqued because they remain small, are one of the more passive Cichlids, and they're very colorful.

    Thanks! Glad to be here!

    I was also looking at the Bolivian Rams, so I'm glad you threw them out there. I really like your 2nd suggestion list a lot, thanks!

    I'm really trying to avoid a tank full of just Tetra species, which seems like an easy thing for a beginner to end up with after visiting the LFSs.
  6. Katie13Fishlore VIPMember

    I just wanted to make sure you are aware. I keep both GBRs and Gold Rams. I have lost 4 Gold Rams, and have yet to keep one alive.

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