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    So I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 Amazon swords, 2 compact Amazon swords, 5 elodea, 2 bacopa, and some Java ferns and I'm not sure what fertilizer to use like at all should I get liquid fertilizer or substrate fertilizer if I get substrate fertilizer could I do half fertilizer on the bottom and half regular substrate on top of that? Pics of my aquarium so you can check out the gravel type and if it's ok for my plants

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    The gravel has no nutrients in it. I would either get root tabs, (cheaper route), or get a nutrient rich substrate like eco complete, (much more expensive). You can also dose liquid fertilizer as well. If you go with root tabs you will really want the liquid to. If you go with substrate you really dont need liquid unless you have plants that eat more from leaves. Honestly the substrate is more expensive up front but the root tabs quickly add up over time and most people would go with substrate.