Help! 75 gallon tank placement..knowledge needed!


I have a question. I have a two story house, actually a bi-level but w/e. I want to put the tank upstairs. I'm concerned about the weight of it. It is going to be placed on an exterior wall, however it will NOT be perpendicular to the floor joists, like recommend. In fact, I believe it will only be over one floor joist (technically two if you look at the picture below) and parallel to it as well obviously. However, the tank will be RIGHT on top of the steel I-Beam. The I-beam would be perpendicular to the tank stand. Here is a picture. The blue rectangle represents where my tank would sit upstairs, keep in mind on the exterior portion of the house.

I guess my questions are..1) is the wall my tank will be against considered load bearing, or are load bearing walls just the front and back exterior ones? And 2) Do you think the tank will be ok placed there? Thank you!


So I just went through this myself. How did you figure out which directions your joists go? In a rectangle house the joist usually go from front to back long ways.

Your tank is freshwater so the weight will not be as extreme as a Saltwater (what I am doing with a 72bow 20gal sump). I built the stand for the bow. Heres a few things to consider:

-Water is 8.36lbs/gal, so your tank will be about 627lbs just filled with water
--Then you have to acount substrate. Its about 1lb per gallon to get about 1.5 inch-2inch apr. That's another 75lbs.

Water weight apr. 610+75=685+40+720lbs (40lbs for stand weight)

(This is not accounting decor and excess equipment. Does account for water displacement by substrate)

The concern wouldnt be the tank going through the floor, rather than the tank cracking due to uneven pressure on the floor.

Since you are parallel and on one joist eve with the beam, that is a lot of weight concentrated on one area. Even if you put it on two exterior walls that are load bearing that one floor beam may start to sag.

The sagging will cause uneven weight distribution which could cause stress fractures and a leak. The leak of water will be the biggest problem. I personally would look at the blue prints o the house to see what your joists are made to handle. Especially the live load. I might get a contractor to help me reinforce the floor to prevent sag. In case. Water damage is costly.

-Dont get a stand with feet on it! You want the weight of your tank to be evenly distributed. The base of the stand should have as much floor coverage as possible.
- The corners of the stand will be bearing most of the weight.
- If on carpet maybe lay a piece of plywood or sheet of wood under the stand to make a more level area.
- I would use a level to make sure your tank will not be slanted, this can cause future problems.
- Look at the blue prints to your house
- Age of house
- Higher structural engineer to tell you if its okay

Good luck


Thanks...what do you mean even if I put it on 2 exterior walls the floor beam could sag? What do you mean by 2 exterior walls, and you mean the I beam will sag? Or the floor joist over the I beam? You think the I beam would actually budge? Or did you mean the joist over the I beam might start to buckle? Thanks..


I have my 75 in a very old second floor without issues


I also have a 75 gallon on a second floor without problems. I have mine up against a weight bearing wall and I couldn't even tell you how many joists. On the same wall I have a huge fireplace and then another 55 gallon tank.


I will also add that upstairs under the carpet is oak hardwood floor planks, then the subfloor...


I will also add that upstairs under the carpet is oak hardwood floor planks, then the subfloor...

HI so, the concern is not that the tank will go through the ceiling lol Its more physics and the pressure exerted across the floor.

The people above have said they don't know how many joists or the direction of them. It may work but you have to factor in risk. Water damage is expensive, do you want to risk a potential leak that can soak the floor and ceiling?

I have a 72 bow on a second floor but made sure to check my joists, wood integrity, and blueprints to calculate how much the floor will support.

Even if the I beam is in the middle of the tank which will help you have to also account for the weight on the 4 corners of your tank.

also the size of the joists, this tank will be sitting long term in an area. I would check the deflection of your floor already. This forum I quoted explains what could happen better, they are a structural engineer.
2x10 or I-joist? 2x10 no way, I-joist will probablly hold however overtime it WILL start to bend and twist over time causing undesirable effects to your home (break drywall (underneath), pull apart hardwood/laminate/tile flooring and cause your floor to forever squeak on that and the joists around that area). Everntually it will bend to a point where the tank might just go down! Do yourself a favour and either find a point on the house where the tank will span multiple joists, or your need to get some jacks. Its just not worth the damage.


You may be fine for years, but what happens when your not? I mean in all honesty will you remember a few years from now, let me make sure nothing is warping through my ceiling in case of my tank lol

I wouldnt tbh, everythingg is a calculated risk though. Just be careful bc generally we all have our minds made up when we want to set up a tank. We'll search till we find others who have done what we have before without calculating all necessary factors. So, would you risk thousands of dollars of repairs to your house for a 75 gallon tank?

It can be pretty cheap just to get someone in the field to take a check for you. peace of mind, risk, just make sure your happy with your decision!

gl with your tank!


Edit: decided to remove my original comment, if original poster is concerned about his floors then it must be a real issue for him. I figure if the floor creaks when your walk on it, don't put a tank on it! (Not claiming it does for the OP). Putting tank in the middle of floor could cause issues, getting expert advice make sense if you are concerned. Good luck!

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