Help! 2 tanks with no filter!

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    locapinkpanther New Member Member

    I have 2 tanks in my downstairs that are the Aqua-Tech Hex 5. One has neon tetras, and the other white clouds.

    The other day my carpet was shampooed, and the filters were unplugged by the workers. After plugging them back in, NEITHER ONE WORKS! What do I do? One tank makes noise but nothing fliters through....the other does nothing.

    (At least my larger tank with the cichlids works fine....!)
  2. j

    joe Valued Member Member

    the one that makes noise probably needs to be primed (put water into it ). I can only say that if the other one doesnt work then u will have to just buy a new one. :-\
  3. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I think Joe is correct. Sometimes those filters lose their prime and you have to play with them to get them working again. I hate those hang on back filters for that very reason. Try plugging them back in and pour some tank water into the filter until it fills up. Lift your intake tube up and down a couple of times and hopefully you will hear it trying to pull water up into the tube. If not, then you will have to carefully stick something like a pencil eraser down in there where the tube goes into the filter to get the impeller to start turning. Be very careful. You can break your impellar by doing this, and it's probably not the best way to do it, but it's the only way I've gotten mine to work sometimes.
  4. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    I use a straw to jump start my one filter that likes to stall ;D
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    george New Member Member

    man u guys know what ur talking about :D