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I finally signed up as a member today and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long as I have been getting awesome information and much needed assistance just by reading posts on here for the past several years which I am so grateful for.
I didn’t think writing a post to introduce myself would be so hard but for whatever reason, it is, so I’m just gonna start typing and hope y’all aren’t going to think “Geez, this chick talks a lot, what the heck is wrong with her”. Here goes...My love of this hobby comes from my daddy. Sadly, he passed away recently and I heeded his advice, “Fish are extremely therapeutic, a lot of work sometimes but the rewards outweigh the work”. I grew up around aquariums and then moved on up to building my dad a small KoI pond in his backyard, rock, waterfalls, etc. That was when I truly understood I had a passion for the hobby. I loved learning about the pumps, the water, the fishies, the overall science behind it and too, the therapy. Unfortunately, we had to sell my parents home a few years ago and leave the pond that I built BUT, the fish, they came with me, lol. Sadly, my husband is not the greatest “fish sitter” and he wiped out my established tank and I had to start over.
Currently, I have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium on my screened in porch which is more like a room in the house as far as temperature goes except during the summer months when it’s impossible to cool outdoor temps with A/C.
I’m sticking with fancy tailed goldfish in this aquarium as it’s just easier for me.
After the “wipeout” of my entire tank due to my husbands lack of fish knowledge(I’m not bitter at all if you can’t tell), I have one Fishie Friend now, Finnley, in the 55 gallon but am getting ready to add more.
I’m excited to have officially joined this forum today and am looking forward to learning more through the experiences of everyone who has common interests and a love for this hobby.


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Welcome Whimsy1, I'm new here as well, I can relate to being verbose I had goldfish for many years (originally in way too small a tank, but I didn't know any better), but my wife wanted some tropicals (and we don't have room for another tank).

We had four, two commets, a blackmoor and a gold fantail. The blackmoor and the fantail both got sick when we went away, swim bladder disease, and we lost them (so can relate to losing fish when being cared for by less experienced people).

A few years later the biggest commet which was a beautiful fish just got sick for no apparent reason and died, so we had one left for a few years. I always felt a bit guilty about not getting any new tank mates, but I was also thinking when it finally passed on I would probably change to the tropicals. It died recently and I decided to take the plunge and start a new learning journey with tropical fresh water fish


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