1. crazedACD

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    Hello, just figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Jessica, 22yrs old, from MA. I have an obsession with fish keeping ;). I currently have a 10g with a betta, gold tetras, and rummynoses, a 5g with a betta, and I just traded out my 45g hex for a regular 55g, which is currently cycling. I work at a strange little store (it's almost like a walmart/tractor supply/lowes/pet store mixed in one) and I'm the sole caretaker of the fish department. I love my job but it drives me crazy sometimes, I've only been there about two months so I'm still trying to stuff as much information as I can into me, haha.

    In addition to the fish, I have 8 dogs, 8 cats, 4 birds, and a bunny...all around animal lover. ;D
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    :) Welcome to FishLore!
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    Welcome to Fishlore. You're in the right place if you're looking for fish info and much more
    ...kudos to you. At 22 and you're already taking care of so many animals. Must be very rewarding to be sorounded by so many cute eyes :)

  4. Tony G.

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    Welcome to Fishlore!!
    Great to hear you love animals, many of us do :) Do you have any pics?
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    Hi Jessica, welcome to FL! :)
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    Welcom to FL, you'll have a good time here & learn at the same time.
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    Hello and welcome.
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    Welcome welcome welcome Jessica ^^
    Hope you enjoy the site :D
    Would love to see some pics of your fish!
    Your job sounds tiring, but fantastic!
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    welcome to fishlore:)
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    Welcome to Fishlore, Jessica! You're in the right place for animal lovers-I'm known as the Zookeeper.:p
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    Hello Crazed and Welcome to Fish Lore:sign0016:. Nice to have you on board!
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    Hello and welcome. Hope you like it on here, WE do;)
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    Welcome :;hi1. Hope to see you around here with all the rest of us crazy people (come on guys admit it, we are. A little :;cr...)
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    Welcome to FL! You'll find yourself in good company here. Sounds like a fun job you have.