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    Hi all! I'm Anna, and this is the first time I've tried to have a fish tank of my own! We have had all kinds of mammals at my house (dogs, cats, rabbits, a pony, even a gerbil once) but the only previous fish experience I've had is the "college betta" dorm room attempt (I was dumb and it died from stress) and carnival prize goldfish in a 5 gallon bare bones tank when I was little. That...was not good. Long story short, my dad decided keeping 20 extra bait minnows with the 2 goldfish would be a fantastic idea and fish-pocalypse happened within 10 hours...

    Anyway, I'm actually trying to be a good fish keeper now and no one else in my family is allowed near it lol. 5.5 gallon tank with 4 guppies (3 female, 1 male) and 1 RCS.

    Lovely to meet you all! :)

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    Welcome to the forum! However your setup is good now but it wont be soon. As guppies are livebearers each female will give off dozens of fry, about every month or so. I haven't bred any guppies so I dont have an exact number but I would go with all male or all female or else you'll have to upgrade your tank to someone much larger like a 55 gallon, soon. Sorry I cant give even a close number on the amount of fry, I've read several things from 15 up too 200 so I just figured it was like other livebearers 30-60 but I'm not aure

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    I did have all females at first actually, just added the male today. I did think this through, don't worry! I live in a rural area and there is a pond in the woods behind my house that's full of bullfrogs, I figured I could put any fry that the adults don't eat in the pond once the tank started to get full. Bullfrogs love guppies and there isn't a runoff stream where the fish could be an invasive species, so I think it'll work out
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    Yeah that should work, my grandmother has done something similar. I just wanted to make sure you knew how fast they bred because a lot of people don't realize it, and then get overrun! Sounds like a good stocking though! Have fun with your new fish/inverts!
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    Thanks! I used to raise rabbits so I was pretty familiar with what would happen if left to their own devices lol
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    You will love all the people on this forum. They are always willing to help out with all the questions you have.
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    Welcome to the forum:)
    Just an FYI, releasing fish into the wild is illegal, unless your pond is closed off from all water ways, and man made, don't release them.
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    If you can try to upgrade to a 10 at the minimum you can then keep maybe 5 guppies (all male or female) ive never had any problems with my livebearers overriding my tank.

    Welcome to the forum :)

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    I know, it is closed off from everything :) they wouldn't make it long anyway between all the frogs and the stagnant cold water